Ylva W.

YlvaI had pain in my groin and hip on and off since I gave birth to my daughter 13 years ago. The pain was especially bad doing twisting movements such as when playing tennis or squash.

My problems were most severe when I tried to sleep. I had to lie flat on my stomach, with both legs straight, preferably with my feet outside the bed — or on my back with a couple of pillows under my knees. The outside of the hip hurt so much.

I started seeing different physiotherapists back then, but no one knew the reason to my pain. Finally I got painkillers and a cortisone shot and was told to start exercising. I found that I could cycle without getting into pain. So I did this for about 5-6 years, training for competitions where you cycle for 300 km in one go (13 hours roughly). Cycling is very time consuming, so I started jogging too, but I found I was unable to improve my jogging speed.

So I took a running course. I was told my technique was wrong. I was told to run more on the front of my foot. After the jogging course, my real problems started. I saw a PT for a couple of years, and we did crossfit-style workouts. In retrospect, I think this also caused problems in my hip.

I saw a lot of physiotherapists and a couple of orthopaedists who gave me a few cortisone shots in both my back and in my hip. I had an MRI of my back and my hip, but no one could explain or remove my pain. I got some connective tissue massage on my back, hip, and thigh, and that made my hips a little bit better.

I saw Matt on the Upright Health YouTube channel and a lot of what he said made sense to me. I was already planning a trip to San Francisco for vacation, so I scheduled to see him while I was there. In one hour we talked about everything I had gone through and what he thought I could do to help myself.

He showed me several exercises that he thought would be beneficial for me, including my new favorite – the Romanian deadlift. I started seeing noticeable improvement once I got back to Sweden and got into a regular routine of the exercises Matt suggested. After several months of training on my own back in Sweden, things were obviously much, much better.

Since I started with the workout routine, my hip has been much better – no pain killers for the night to sleep. Although I have had to neglect the routine since christmas (in favor of skiing training!). I have been skiing down hill and cross country for one week (winter holiday), and it feels so much better compared to last year.

One of my goals was to complete Tjejvasan, a cross country skiing race of 30 km. Attached is a picture of me crossing the finishing line after 3 hours 5 minutes. This was only a few months after my visit to Upright Health. I am very, very happy and so glad I met with Matt on my trip in October!



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