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#47 – Chronic pain. Productive meanings.
When you’re stuck in chronic pain, you’ll believe and do just about anything to get out of it. Butoften what[...]
#46: Hip surgery vs the conservative alternative
How does arthroscopic hip surgery compare to nonsurgical treatment of hip impingement? What explains the results? The results of studies[...]
#45: Hip Surgery – Why does it work
Why does hip surgery work? Why does hip surgery work sometimes and sometimes not? In this episode, Matt talks about[...]
#44: Why do back pain treatments fail?
Why do back pain treatments fail? Why do so many medical and alternative treatments for back pain provide dismal results?[...]
#43: Are you too old to get more flexible?
Does old age mean you can’t get more flexible? Does it mean you can’t make muscles stronger? In this episode[...]
#42: Want PRP injections?
Interested in PRP injections? Hoping PRP will help your shoulder, back, hips, or knees? See what the research really says[...]
#41: My biggest struggle with hip pain
Episode 40: My biggest struggle with hip pain In this episode Matt shares his biggest roadblock to getting out of[...]
#40 – How to get more flexible even if you think you cannot
Mitch has been inflexible (a tinman) as long as he can remember. His run-in with chronic pain as a young[...]
#39 – The secret to training out of pain
Training out of chronic pain can be tough physical and mental work. You may encounter roadblocks and mysteries that tear[...]
#38 – 4 tips for conquering hip impingement
Shari started having hip pain in high school. Physical therapy didn’t help. Doctors told her that she had femoroacetabular impingement[...]
#37 – Why Americans pay so much for drugs and medical services
The same pill could cost you $1 or $10. The same medical procedure could cost you $400 or $4000. Healthcare[...]
Episode #36: The 4 1/2 Mental Mistakes Keeping You in Pain
Are you suffering with chronic pain? Could you be making mental mistakes that are leading to this suffering? Listen in[...]
Episode #35: How Many Reps Should I Do?
Is there a right number of reps for exercise? How do you know how many reps to do? If you're[...]
#34 – Does Exercise REALLY Matter?
What is exercise? Should you be doing it? In this episode we discuss what exercise really is and how to[...]
#33 – Do you REALLY need to meditate?
What is meditation? Is it worth the time? In this episode we discuss what meditation is and isn't. The conversation[...]
#32 – Blowing up back pain B.S. with Cathryn Jakobson Ramin
Do stem cell or PRP injections work for back pain? What do X-rays and MRIs really mean for your spine?[...]
#31 – Do surgeons lie?
Surgeons often make optimistic claims about their surgeries - in spite of evidence to the contrary. Do these doctors lie?[...]
#30 – What is the purpose of pain?
What is the purpose of pain?   If you have chronic hip, back, or shoulder pain, what does the pain[...]
#29 – The message you aren’t hearing from your doctor
Chronic pain sufferers often get conflicting information from doctors and other experts. One doctor tells you this surgery is the[...]
#28 – The Secret History of Joint Pain
Why does the medical system seem to be surgery-happy? Why do even physical therapists seem to think surgery is the[...]
#27 – What’s new with painkillers?
In today's episode, Matt talks about news of opioid painkillers and what the history of opioid prescription means for you[...]
#26 – Think about your muscles
In today's episode, Matt lays out the risks and rewards of thinking about muscles instead of focusing on problems inside[...]
#25 – What absorbs impact? Is it your cartilage? Your bones?
In today's episode, Matt discusses the prevailing ideas of how our bodies absorb impact and how these ideas affect the[...]
#24 – Alexander’s Anterior Pelvic Tilt Problem
In today's episode, we answer an Upright fan's question about his stubborn anterior pelvic tilt. To see our DIY training[...]
#23 – Is sitting bad for you?
Is sitting as bad for you as everyone says? Should you burn your seat and stand for everything that you[...]
#22 – Use “normal” to your advantage
In this episode, we talk about how to trick your brain and body into accepting new norms so you can[...]
#21 – Stuart and his hip impingement
Hear how Stuart's hip impingement has been doing since he started using the FAI Fix approach to his hip problems.[...]
#20 – You, the individual
What sets pro athletes apart from us mere mortals? What lesson did Matt learn from his body's failure to handle[...]
#19 – Commit and be willing to fail
Achieving your goals with your body depends on your ability to set a clear goal and being willing to falter[...]
#18 – Focus on bang for the buck
Feel guilty because you can't do all the exercises you want to do? Do you do exercises that are supposed[...]
#17 – Move well, then move a lot
Training programs are often focused on burning more calories, moving faster, and "blasting" your fat. This approach could land you[...]
#16 – What can you learn from climbing on rocks?
Climbing around on rocks can teach you unexpected things about life and about yourself. Transcript: Hey, everybody! It's Matt Hsu[...]
#15 – Does hip surgery actually improve your quality of life?
Find out how flawed measurements of improvement in hip surgery patients make hip surgery seem like a great idea. Resources:[...]
#14 – How to troubleshoot your own body
Learn how to identify issues and possible solutions for your aches and pains, and then discover how to gauge progress.[...]
#13 – Sloppy thinking down a slippery slope
How important is terminology to solving your problems? Poor use of language can trap you in pain. Transcript: Hey, everybody![...]
#12 – Look back, look in, and look forward
What can be learned from a long vacation and what can you do to prepare yourself mentally for 2015? Transcript:[...]
#11 – Be specific to be successful
How do you get more flexible, mobile, and strong? How do you get good at your sport? It comes down[...]
#10 – Is Thanksgiving dying?
Is the American holiday undergoing a change? Should it? Share your thoughts below! Transcript: Hey, everybody! It's Matt Hsu from Upright[...]
#9 – Can your quadriceps save your knee from arthritis?
Why does everyone think quadriceps strength will stop knee pain? Find out how this idea got popular and why the[...]
#8 – What should Liam do about his clicky wrist?
In today's episode, Matt answers a fan's question about how to deal with a wrist that keeps clicking and talks[...]
#7 – Are you torturing yourself?
Today, you'll see how the CIA manual on torture explains why you make the decisions you do when you’re in[...]
#6 – Can you really have arthritis?
Arthritis is commonly considered the source of pain for creaky, painful joints. Bone spurs and narrowing joint spaces are its[...]
#5 – Should you stretch before you exercise?
In today's episode, we look at the age-old question: should you stretch before you exercise? Find out what the research[...]
#4 – Should you get hip surgery?
Jill had hip pain that wouldn't go away. Her surgeon warned her that she'd need arthroscopic surgery or she'd need[...]
#3 – Posture. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing?
Is good posture actually good? Does it really matter whether you have good posture? What does posture tell you about[...]
#2 – Why you shouldn’t meditate AND the binary nature of your body
In today's episode, learn why meditation is good for your mind but might not be for your body, and discover[...]
#1 – Beating pain with the right mindset
Welcome to the first ever Upright Health Podcast episode! Today's topic: Beating Pain with the Right Mindset. If you approach[...]