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Steve Cadigan, Former VP of Talent at LinkedIn

“Almost 3 years ago, I walked into Upright Health after exhausting countless other avenues in a quest to help me get my body back. I had just hit the big 50, my kids were spending more time at school, and I found myself in a place where I wanted to exercise more and enjoy being more active. Sadly, my body did not want to cooperate.

I could not understand why I was not able to do some simple things like jog without pain or simply move around a tennis court. I was facing so many things with my body I had not faced before, and all the things that had worked for me in the past to fix my physical issues were no longer working.

This was frustrating and scary. I was ready to simply chalk it up to being old and on the decline. Prior to this I had always been able to figure things out on my own through diet, stretching, or more intense exercise. During my quest to seek other help and relieve my frustrations I tried to work with a personal trainer, went to see a chiropractor, and explored several other things. While I saw some mild improvement here and there, nothing stuck and I became more and more frustrated.

I met Matt after a lengthy search on Yelp!. On my first visit to Upright, Matt spent a ton of time asking me questions and learning about my body – observing and checking my joints and pain points with his hands. Over the course of the next few weeks, Matt worked tirelessly with each visit to unravel the true causes of my ailments. We tried many things and compared and contrasted many exercises and stretches to really tune my therapy to address the necessary areas.

On a regular basis Matt would send me research and videos on topics we were trying to address with my body. I was beyond thrilled with my progress. After a few months I started to be able to move again on the tennis court and enjoy playing sports with my three boys. But it’s what happened next that really surprised me. I had sought out Matt to diminish my pains and allow me to enjoy being active. As the weeks wore on I started to get REALLY into our sessions, and we built muscles in places on my body I did not know existed. At first it was for fun – I was enjoying seeing progress and getting stronger.

Then, one day Matt and I were talking and I shared with him that I was starting to win some tennis matches and beat some guys who had beaten me the year prior, and that I felt I could progress more. So we amped up our sessions a bit more and I worked harder outside of them to improve my strength, stamina and endurance. For the first time in more than a decade – probably since my 20’s – I started to feel amazing, not just healthy. I felt great and capable of really competing at a high level.

Honestly, I had virtually given up being competitive, thinking my glory days were over. Yet Matt pushed me to aspire to not just heal, but to get to “awesome”. Matt asked me to consider setting my goals higher. I was not expecting that. So I did – and I got even more motivated.

Then the results started to come in. I entered a tennis tournament in SF (my first in a decade) and I won it! Then the following year both of my USTA League Tennis teams won the Northern California Championships at the 4.0 Level and went on to the USTA National Tournament. Even though on both teams I was by far the OLDEST guy playing singles at 52+, I was able to help both teams achieve this great milestone and even more importantly to me – I was loving being fit and competitive and alive in ways I had given up on long ago.

Today, Matt and Upright Health are an extremely important part of my life. While we fixed many of the issues I had with my body, at 50+ new ones show up from time to time, so keeping focused on a healthy body and mind is as necessary as breathing air and drinking water for me. I cannot recommend Matt, Josh and the Upright team enough.

Over the past year my friends have all remarked how healthy and vibrant I look – especially those I have not seen in a while. While “looking good” is a nice side benefit to all the work I have done with Matt, I think my experience can best be summed up in two sentences: I went in looking to get OK. I came away awesome. For that, I am an Upright Fan for Life.



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