San Diego’s Doctors and Surgeons want to improve their posture too

When I was younger, I used to think that everyone in the medical world was immune to pain. I spent a lot of time seeing doctors for various injuries, tweaks, and strains.  The doc would X-ray me, tell me I’d be fine, and send me on my way.  I used to think that all the doctors and nurses I came in contact with probably knew everything they needed to know to stay pain free and that they went about their days without the misery of pain.  I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older and seen more and more folks from the medical community that it’s (unfortunately) not true! 

Since opening Upright Health in San Diego in 2009, I’ve noticed a number of San Diego’s medical personnel coming through the doors. It seems like age and specialty don’t really matter. I’ve seen internists, med students, x-ray techs, nurses, laproscopic surgeons, cadiovascular perfusionists, radiation oncologists, physical therapists and executive level officers come in looking for ways to improve their posture and beat their pain.

For example, the surgeons often have asymmetries related to the positions they sit in for 6 hours at a time and the attendant shoulder/neck/back strain, and the docs and nurses have ailments running the gamut from shoulder/neck/back strain to knee, hip, and ankle pain and instability from sitting, standing, or running around for twelve hour marathon shifts. Often, they’ve already gone through various other treatments to try to nix their pain, but they keep coming back to the idea that their muscles are just not balanced properly from all the repetitive motions they’re doing. It just feels like the right answer!

There’s just one hitch. The medical world operates relies on evidence-based decisions (which is a good thing!), so it’s quite common for an idea as elegantly simple and unique as “fix the posture and fix the pain” to elicit a little skepticism. Sometimes they find it hard to believe that the answer that feels right is right.  Since posture alignment specialists like me don’t have any double-blind placebo studies or large scale prospective studies to point to, making the leap to come in to Upright Health can be a bit daunting.

Part of the problem is that proper scientific research is both difficult to organize and extremely expensive to do right.  Since there are so few of us out there, it’s tough to get a large scale study going that would be of any scientific validity. But what we can do is share anecdotes and case studies to help shed a little light on what we do so that people can get a sense of how sensible, logical, and to the point posture alignment therapy is. Obviously this isn’t the highest level of scientific validity, but it’ll have to do for now until someone wants to help setup and fund a study!

Until that happens, I wanted to share one of my clients’ stories (name has been anonymized for privacy):

With my training as a nurse, I’ve always been a bit skeptical of “alternative therapies.” So, when I began experiencing walking/gait issues, impacting my ability to hike, row, swim, bike and get around, I went the traditional route with scans, physical therapy, and offers of muscle relaxants and pain medications (I didn’t pursue the drugs). They didn’t work. By the time I hobbled to my 1st appointment with Matt, I was walking with a cane and sleeping at night in one position, propped by 10 pillows.Quite honestly, the visit to Matt was out of desperation because I was willing to try anything to regain my independence.

After my 1st session, I was cane-free. About 5 weeks later, I was back in my scull and rowing again…hiking and swimming, too. This is the absolute truth and not a “paid promotional.”

I’ve never written a testimonial before and I never thought I’d be endorsing something outside of mainstream medicine. But, I believe in Matt…I’ve experienced the results 1st hand. Plus, the approach at Upright Health is different than what’s offered elsewhere in the community and the right one, if you consider physiology.

If you’re reading this testimonial, it’s probably because you’re not sure what to do and/or you’re willing to try anything at this point. I encourage you to make the call. The results are real. You can trust Matt. I’ve shared his contact information with physicians I know so they can refer their patients. If you continue to have hesitations, all I can say is it’s a “Nike thing”…….”Just do it.” You won’t regret it.”

DB, Healthcare Executive

Share this story with a doctor, surgeon, nurse, technician or med student (did I miss anyone?) you know who’s hurting. They need to hear that posture does matter and that some well-done analysis on how to retrain the body can make a huge difference!


About the Author

Matt Hsu is a trainer and orthopedic massage therapist. He fought a long battle with chronic pain all over his body and won. He blends the principles he learned in his journey, empirical observations with clients, and relevant research to help others get their lives back.

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