Sally C.

600x600Working with Upright Health was, at my age, not something I’d ever consider except at the urging of my adult children. At age 79, I’ve been struggling with knee pain for decades. Fifteen years ago, with results from scans and x-rays, doctors told me it was arthritis and that there was little I could do to improve it. I was offered steroid shots but knew I didn’t want to be reliant on steroids for the rest of my life. So I have been adapting and putting up with my knee pain since then. And as the years have gone by, my own adjustments and compensations in movement to cover for the knee pain have compromised my agility in other areas, in addition to normal aging issues with balance and flexibility.

So when I came to Matt with all these issues, I thought for sure I was too old for him to help me. Not true. When I stepped into Upright Health, Matt was ready to tackle my problems head on and every session has continued to be helpful.

And now since working with Vincent, for the first time in many, many years, I am learning to move without pain in my knee–even at my advanced age! I had no idea that simple changes in how I move could relieve my knee pain this much. Vincent’s attention to detail is second to none. I never would have thought that by altering the position of my knee in such small ways as I sit down and stand up, by even just an inch, could make such a profound impact. I’m beginning to experience relief from knee pain for the first time in decades!

Vincent has been incredibly accommodating of my limitations while constantly pushing me to progress to the edge of my comfort zone. He always has a modification ready for when an exercise is too difficult or too easy. He makes sure I understand the purpose of what I’m doing and how that relates to my needs. And I can see much more clearly now the connection between how I move and how my body reacts.

I once bought into the view of myself as an extremely elderly, out of shape adult. Now I see that I’ve gained much more strength, at my age, than I even thought possible. Things that used to be hard, like walking up and down stairs, are getting easier and easier. My balance has noticeably improved.

My message: don’t wait until you are nearly 80 to begin working with Upright Health. It’s way better if you start much earlier. But even if you wait until your late 70s, as I did, it’s incredibly helpful! I’d encourage you, at any age, to go for it!


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