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One of the most common questions on our YouTube channel is "what shoes are you wearing?" Our team likes to keep our shoes protective but minimalist! If you want shoes that help you move well and still feel good, be sure to check out Xero Shoes.

Matt really loves the Prio running and fitness shoe and the ​Z-trek sandal.

Check them out here.

If you want the absolute thinnest shoe sole, check out VIVOBAREFOOT. They have athletic, casual, and more formal styles for men and women - all with extremely thin soles.

Check out VIVOBAREFOOT here.

Men's dress shoes with zero drop? They're basically impossible to find. When we have to wear dress shoes, we wear Carets. 

Check them out here and make your fancy feet happy..


Get your own official and exclusive Upright Health shirts and tanks in our official store! Check out our popular POWER TO THE GLUTES and MY TFL IS A NASTY LITTLE BASTARD shirts! 

Go to the store!


Mini bands for glute training

Balance pads (suggested as padding for your knees while stretching)

Resistance bands for hip and shoulder training

Stretching Strap

stretching strap

Yoga Strap (cheaper alternative for stretching)

yoga strap for stretching

Powerblock adjustable dumbbells up up to 50 lbs.

ProForm Adjustable Dumbbells (good as a starter set)

Squat sponge for barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts

Doorway Pull-up Bar (inexpensive option)

pull up bar for home

Ankle Weights

ankle weights


Body back buddy

Foam rollers

Lacrosse Ball

Jack Knobber


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