Ramakanth R., Software Engineer

Prior to working with Upright Health, I couldn’t sit properly for 30 minutes straight; I always had change positions. This meant I couldn’t drive for longer than 30 minutes. I even had to avoid stairs. It was very frustrating and depressing at times. The doctor suggested rest for 3 months.

So I tried stretching, physical therapy, gym trainers, and even total rest for several months. Nothing worked!

After several consultations a doctor confirmed there were ligament tears in my right leg and said I needed surgery to fix it since the tear was so large. I listened and got hip impingement surgery done on my right leg. Three months into post-surgery rehab, I felt much better but my right leg pain still lingered. Meanwhile my left leg started bothering me too. I didn’t want to get another surgery done on my left leg.

After spending close to 15 months in pain, I was skeptical that anyone could help me.

I came across Upright Health as I was researching more about FAI (hip impingement) and decided to give them a try. I scheduled an appointment with Josh and in three sessions, the pain in my right leg disappeared. Josh listened to my story and knew exactly what my problem was. I continued my appointments with Josh for several weeks and eventually solved the problems in both my legs. His training helped me continue being active and avoid having to compromise my daily activities.

Today I can bike 40 miles and run 2-3 miles with no issues. I’ve even driven for 8 hours straight. I would recommend Upright Health to anyone who needs help with recovering from injuries and avoiding surgeries. My only regret is not finding Upright earlier.


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