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StandardWhen I found Matt and the Upright Health team on the Internet a few months ago (mid-December), I didn’t realize how much of a positive impact it would have on my journey to recover from hip issues, that had been plaguing me for close to three years. I was an active athlete in many sports from childhood into my 40s. I would encounter the occasional pulled muscle, sore back or other injuries that I attributed to overuse.

However, looking back now, there were signs that I should not have ignored.  In my mid-40s I suffered lower back disc problems that side lined me from all sports activity, and this was followed by worsening hip pain on both sides. I literally went from running road races, playing competitive sports, skiing and other activities to struggling to sit and walk without pain.

I tried conventional PT, saw doctors, received MRIs, xrays, injections and even considered PRP. Nothing seemed to work, and I was told to basically live with the pain and do what activities I could until I opted for arthroscopic surgery or other surgical interventions down the road.

I held out all hope that there were other options, so I continued to search and came across Matt’s informative videos on FAI and other hip issues. He is extremely knowledgeable in these areas and has done his research. He questions and challenges conventional medicine and “standard” treatments in a thoughtful, intelligent and practical manner.

After two months of working with Matt and Kristen I have much less pain, I’m much stronger in key areas, my range of motion is much improved, and I’m moving in a more efficient manner. I’ve also learned more about my hips than I could have expected. I now know that the way I was approaching my sports and other activities was not right for my body and may have resulted in the back and hip injuries and pain. I wasn’t developing and using the right muscles, nor was I strong enough in the right areas to withstand the forces I was putting my body under.

I also think a compelling aspect of working with Matt and Kristen is that both of them encountered the same or similar issues and had the courage and persistence to find lasting solutions through non-invasive means. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving their program a try. It has been well worth the effort.

I recently ventured back onto the ski slopes after a 3 year hiatus. I felt strong and was able to go through all the movements with control and comfort. It wasn’t that long ago that I doubted I would ski again. I look forward to continuing to train my way back to a more active lifestyle. As Matt says  — Pain sucks, Life shouldn’t.  Many thanks to Matt and Kristen for sharing their experiences and solutions in an effort to help others.


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