Neeth DevaiahI started seeing Matt almost a year ago thanks to the Internet, Yelp ratings, and the reviews. Those things really made my decision to go see Matt at Upright Health easier, and boy I’m thankful I did.

I had been suffering from musculoskeletal issues for close to 15 years. My problems ranged from misalignment in the pelvis and sacrum [the core of the problem] leading to pain in the lower back, neck/upper back, knees, foot, shoulder, elbow, hand pain and piriformis tightness. Looking back almost every part of my body was in pain. I would go to sleep in pain and wake up in pain. I felt like there was no hope at all.

I went from doctor to doctor thinking they that they could help, and an MRI was done on every part of my body possible. All they could say was, “Nothing is wrong with you”, since all results came negative on the MRI. Some people also started saying it was psychosomatic.

Only I knew what I was going through. So, I started doing physical therapy and I started going from one therapy place to another. Some physical therapy aggravated my pains, and some helped. Along with physical therapy I also tried all kinds of alternative medicines like Rolfing, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, ayurveda, and all kinds of injections  for back pain. After all these therapies and treatments were done, I still felt like I was always going ‘1 step forward and 2 steps back’ with my progress.

Then I came across Matt. It was in my first session with him that I knew this was it, and I felt he would be able to help me. He gave me lot of hope and that brought me to tears. I went with a knee brace, which I used to wear for a long time, and I remember he asked me to keep the knee brace aside because I would no longer need it.

Just 3 months after I started working with Matt, my knee pain – along with my foot pain – went away. Now, I’m able to hike without much pain, which was impossible to do before. My hand and shoulder pain is much better, and I feel stronger as well. I am able to sleep on the side I was not able to sleep on for many years. My back feels stronger, and I am simply in much less pain now. I no longer wake up and go to bed in pain everyday. I still have some bad days now and then, but thanks to Matt, I have many more good days than bad!

Matt is really good at problem solving and adapting the training for your specific problems. That’s what I like about the Upright Health program. Its not ‘one size fits all.’

If you have been suffering from pain for many years and have tried many therapies and treatments to no avail, I highly recommend you to try this option and I am sure you will not regret it.


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