Nathan Waxer, D.O. – Anesthesiologist

I trained as an osteopathic medical doctor. As osteopathic physicians, we take a holistic view of the body. We see the body and mind as interconnected, and we try to avoid the tendency to want to put band-aids over singular, isolated problems. Instead, we try to focus on the relationships of multiple systems in the whole body so that we can help the body restore itself to a healthier state.

As a pediatric anesthesiologist, I work in tense surgical situations. I need to be extremely detail-oriented without losing sight of the bigger picture for my patients. That’s something I need to do well, and it’s a skill I recognize in others.

I have known Matt since we were freshmen at UCLA together. Matt has always had a profound curiosity for how and why things work, and he has always had the capacity to maintain a big-picture perspective on the problems he tries to solve.

Although Matt does not have formal medical training as a physician, I do. And I can tell you that from my inside view of western medicine, we don’t have all the answers. We have some great answers and some great technologies, but what we do in the medical world is not always the end-all-be-all for everything that ails us as human beings.

Matt’s personal and frustrating experience with his own injuries and rehabilitation fueled him to find alternative ways of dealing with chronic muscle and joint pain than what he encountered with the status quo. I’ve seen him go from popping painkillers and wearing analgesic patches to playing hockey and traveling the world. I know he’s found something that can work for people who are struggling.

He’s taken his experience and has turned it into something that can help others. He’s committed to showing people that there are very promising exercise alternatives to surgery for their hip pain (and other parts of their bodies). That wouldn’t be an easy task for a physician, and it’s certainly not easy as an outsider.

I believe in what Matt is trying to accomplish – promoting a perspective that helps others heal in a safe and holistic way. I give Matt my highest recommendation as a man of character and compassion, and I support his mission without reservation.


About the Author

Matt Hsu is a trainer and orthopedic massage therapist. He fought a long battle with chronic pain all over his body and won. He blends the principles he learned in his journey, empirical observations with clients, and relevant research to help others get their lives back.