Nathan P.

Years ago I ran five Triathlons, 3 sprints and 2 olympic size ones. It was a fun thing to do as my forties started, and I figured a great way to get in shape. However, it took it’s toll on my aging body and things started to hurt all over. Two years ago, my back started to hurt just going on fun rides for an hour from the house. My foot and knee were hurting on one leg, which kept me from running, and I had constant neck pain. I had been getting massages, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, but nothing was really solving the underlying problems.

Then I booked an appointment with Matt and things got much better.

His theory is to build muscle mass exactly where you need it, which is mainly in the glutes for exercising, and stretch out what is blocking your limbs from moving properly. It’s not a revolutionary idea, but Matt is a healer and knows how to diagnose what exercises and stretches you need to get stronger and healthier. Three months after I started following his weight lifting and stretching regime regularly at home (about 45-60 minutes 5X a week), my lower back and neck pain were gone, and riding ┬ámy bike became fun again.

It took another 3 months, but now finally my knee and foot pain are gone, and I can run without pain. I feel solid and strong, and am so happy I started working with Matt. At first you meet frequently, so he can adjust your exercises rapidly. Now, I meet once a month and fine tune the strategy. I had to make my car garage a workout room, but it was either buy weights for my home or join a gym. I dislike gyms, they are more expensive and not convenient, so the home gym was a good idea. Matt is a great guy, fun to talk to, and the hour long sessions are enjoyable. He really knows how to zero in on your needs, and has a huge rotisserie of stretches and exercises that he tries on you until one fits.

If you want to do more with your body than it will let you, then invest in Matt’s therapy and do the work every day. You will feel better, quick.


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