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powerlifterWhat I liked most about my experience with Matt was that he doesn’t apply a one-size-fits-all solution to his clients. He recognized me as an individual with individual problems, and took his time to assess, test, and confirm problems/solutions.

A little background. I’m a powerlifter. At 123lbs, I could deadlift 347lbs. But, I could not squat more than 225lbs. For those not familiar with powerlifting, this is a huge discrepancy. During the squat, I would experience a lateral (i.e. sideways) sway in my hips, so there was definitely some sort of left-right imbalance holding me back. On two occasions, this sway occurred so abruptly and violently that it decommissioned me from lifting for a week. I also had a brief endurance running kick. On high-mileage runs, I’d experience stress in my right hip-flexor, right glute, right quads, right knee, and left ankle. Lots of problems, and all of it happening only on ONE side at a time!

What Matt realized, and should have been obvious to me, was that my left glute was lagging in strength and connection. He had me do a couple different unilateral (one-sided) exercises, and we saw that I could almost always do more with the right than the left. By the way, the exercises he prescribes are simple and safe, but still challenging and effective!

Before, I had been told to just squat light and progress slowly, making sure I don’t sway. This didn’t work, because at lighter weights, my glutes could fire unevenly and still look balanced. I also had acupuncture done to release tension in the right side, which was nice, but I needed to be able to achieve tension on the left side. Chiropractic work addressed my spine a lot, but I have pretty good posture and hold my core nice and tight through everything. In the end, it came down to that left butt cheek, and Matt showed me how to connect with it again. Like an estranged child, ha!


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