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Joint Injections for Pain – Do Risks Outweigh Benefits?
Introduction to Joint Injections for Pain Relief Steroid injections are becoming as common as advil these days to treat joint pain.[...]
#47 – Chronic pain. Productive meanings.
When you’re stuck in chronic pain, you’ll believe and do just about anything to get out of it. Butoften what[...]
#46: Hip surgery vs the conservative alternative
How does arthroscopic hip surgery compare to nonsurgical treatment of hip impingement? What explains the results? The results of studies[...]
A Deeper Look into “Conservative Treatment” for FAI
Introduction to Personalized Hip Therapy and Conservative Treatment for FAI Femoracetabular Impingement (“FAI”) is a near and dear topic for us[...]
Mattress firmness: firm, soft, medium? How to choose the right bed
You just want a good night's sleep.Maybe your bed is super old. Maybe you're 99% sure that your current bed is[...]
Get a Deep Squat? Why bone shapes don’t matter and how to get deeper
There is an infinite number of different angles and positions you can put your legs in relative to your pelvis.[...]
Is Arthoscopic Hip Surgery for FAI better than physical therapy?
New Study Compares Arthroscopic Surgery for FAI to Conservative TreatmentIn a recent study, researchers compared the effectiveness of arthroscopic surgery[...]
#45: Hip Surgery – Why does it work
Why does hip surgery work? Why does hip surgery work sometimes and sometimes not? In this episode, Matt talks about[...]
Programming for Deadlifts and Correctives
Correctives ProgrammingNow that you've gone over corrective exercises [1][2] for your deadlift form... it’s time to discuss how to go[...]
Deadlift Correctives — Part II: Bent Over
Recall that proper deadlift form essentially has you ask yourself three questions:Can I form a neutral spine?Can I take my neutral spine[...]
Deadlift Correctives — Part I: Standing
Recall that proper deadlift form essentially has you ask yourself three questions:Can I form a neutral spine?Can I take my[...]
The Case For “Deadlift Correctives”
THE CASE FOR “DEADLIFT CORRECTIVES”The deadlift is a skill, that you eventually need to practice if you want to get[...]
The Perfect Deadlift
THE CASE FOR “PROPER DEADLIFT FORM”The premise of this article series is that although everyone’s “optimal” deadlift form will APPEAR[...]
How to get rid of pain in the TFL (tensor fascia lata)
Do you feel an achy, dull, annoying pain in the side of your hip that’s been there for months or[...]
#44: Why do back pain treatments fail?
Why do back pain treatments fail? Why do so many medical and alternative treatments for back pain provide dismal results?[...]
#43: Are you too old to get more flexible?
Does old age mean you can’t get more flexible? Does it mean you can’t make muscles stronger? In this episode[...]
#42: Want PRP injections?
Interested in PRP injections? Hoping PRP will help your shoulder, back, hips, or knees? See what the research really says[...]
#41: My biggest struggle with hip pain
Episode 40: My biggest struggle with hip pain In this episode Matt shares his biggest roadblock to getting out of[...]
PRP injections – are they worth it for hip, knee, or shoulder pain?
If you have hip pain, are PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections worth it? Will PRP injections help with knee or shoulder[...]
Why am I in chronic pain? The perspective that helped me heal
When you’re suffering with chronic pain, you search for meaning in it. Why am I in chronic pain? Why do[...]
#40 – How to get more flexible even if you think you cannot
Mitch has been inflexible (a tinman) as long as he can remember. His run-in with chronic pain as a young[...]
Deadlift: Proper Form – Abdominal Bracing
Welcome to the "Deadlift: Proper Form" series! Maybe you've just started lifting weights. Maybe you're a trainer who wants to[...]
Deadlift: Proper Form – Hip Hinge
Welcome to the "Deadlift: Proper Form" series! Maybe you've just started lifting weights. Maybe you're a trainer who wants to[...]
Deadlift: Proper Form – Shoulder Packing
Welcome to the "Deadlift: Proper Form" series! Maybe you've just started lifting weights. Maybe you're a trainer who wants to[...]
Why Health is Countercultural (and how to be healthy and fit)
Environment effects health This morning I had a REAL conversation with a client.  She's been digging into understanding and exploring[...]
#39 – The secret to training out of pain
Training out of chronic pain can be tough physical and mental work. You may encounter roadblocks and mysteries that tear[...]
How do you fix repetitive strain and overuse injuries?
If you’ve been told you have a repetitive strain injury (RSI), you may have been told that rest is the[...]
Femoral acetabular impingement: what you need to know and what your doctor won’t tell you
If you’ve been told you have femoroacetabular impingement (FAI, femoral acetabular impingement, or hip impingement), you have probably heard that[...]
#38 – 4 tips for conquering hip impingement
Shari started having hip pain in high school. Physical therapy didn’t help. Doctors told her that she had femoroacetabular impingement[...]
#37 – Why Americans pay so much for drugs and medical services
The same pill could cost you $1 or $10. The same medical procedure could cost you $400 or $4000. Healthcare[...]
Episode #36: The 4 1/2 Mental Mistakes Keeping You in Pain
Are you suffering with chronic pain? Could you be making mental mistakes that are leading to this suffering? Listen in[...]
Episode #35: How Many Reps Should I Do?
Is there a right number of reps for exercise? How do you know how many reps to do? If you're[...]
#34 – Does Exercise REALLY Matter?
What is exercise? Should you be doing it? In this episode we discuss what exercise really is and how to[...]
#33 – Do you REALLY need to meditate?
What is meditation? Is it worth the time? In this episode we discuss what meditation is and isn't. The conversation[...]
Hip impingement surgery – can you return to sports and other activities?
A 2018 study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine claims that surgery for hip impingement is VERY successful. It[...]
#32 – Blowing up back pain B.S. with Cathryn Jakobson Ramin
Do stem cell or PRP injections work for back pain? What do X-rays and MRIs really mean for your spine?[...]
#31 – Do surgeons lie?
Surgeons often make optimistic claims about their surgeries - in spite of evidence to the contrary. Do these doctors lie?[...]
#30 – What is the purpose of pain?
What is the purpose of pain?   If you have chronic hip, back, or shoulder pain, what does the pain[...]
Shoulder Labral Tears: What you need to know and what your doctor won’t tell you
Why are shoulder labral tears important to talk about? Shoulder pain is extremely common.  A 2003 study in the Netherlands[...]
#29 – The message you aren’t hearing from your doctor
Chronic pain sufferers often get conflicting information from doctors and other experts. One doctor tells you this surgery is the[...]
#28 – The Secret History of Joint Pain
Why does the medical system seem to be surgery-happy? Why do even physical therapists seem to think surgery is the[...]
A systematic review of hip impingement treatments
Hip impingement surgery is still the go-to medical treatment for hip pain associated with FAI even though there’s lack of[...]
Becoming a father
​My son was born three months ago.Leading up to the birth, everyone kept asking me: "Are you excited?"And I honestly[...]
The FADIR test – the insane truth about this hip pain test
We work with a lot of clients who have been told they have hip impingement (otherwise known as femoroacetabular impingement[...]
Hip impingement: how does hip surgery compare with physical therapy?
We’ve talked about hip impingement, the success rates for FAI surgery, and even if surgery is worth it. But what[...]
My FAI Story – Part 1: The two big reasons why I didn’t get surgery
Thinking about surgery for hip impingement? Years ago, I met online with a young attorney named Maks in New York[...]
Healthy Hips Workshop
Healthy Hips Workshop at Upright Health in Redwood City, CA.This two day workshop covers the fundamental ideas around training people[...]
How do you relax tight muscles? What to do when you’re stuck and stiff
We’ve all been there. Maybe after a hard workout or some stressful weeks, your muscles are tight. You’ve had massages,[...]
Matt K.
I really appreciated the Roll and Release program. I have been using a foam roller and tennis ball to release[...]
Analisa B., Acupuncturist
I attended the workshop on hips with Matt and his crew. I have a torn hip labrum and cyst, and[...]
Hip injection for FAI and labral tears: is it worth it? Is it accurate?
Are you considering a hip injection to test for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)? Has a hip surgeon told you he can[...]
How to roll over in bed during pregnancy
You're pregnant. Your belly is bigger than you ever imagined, and your abdominals no longer work. At all. They're too[...]
Ramakanth R., Software Engineer
Prior to working with Upright Health, I couldn't sit properly for 30 minutes straight; I always had change positions. This[...]
Hip pain relief? Why doctors can’t give you any
If you have hip pain, you know how hard it is to get a straight answer. Doctors give you diagnoses,[...]
Special Tests for Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) are medically misleading
If you have hip pain, and you've been told you have femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), you may have had a series[...]
How to fix hunchback deadlifts
Rounded back in your deadlifts?When people have a rounded back in the deadlift (also known as a hunchback deadlift), they[...]
Ryan P. – Google Engineer
I've had running pain and injuries for over 10 years now, starting in high school with shin splints and a[...]
How to sleep with anterior pelvic tilt
How should you sleep if you have anterior pelvic tilt? If you sleep in the wrong position with anterior pelvic[...]
Femoroacetabular impingement surgery: why doctors believe it works
If you’ve been diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), or hip impingement, you may have been told that surgery is the[...]
Shoulder pain and X-rays – do shoulder x-rays mean anything?
You've got shoulder pain. Should you get a shoulder X-ray? Is what you see in a shoulder X-ray useful? What[...]
Joey C., Science Education Researcher
Before coming to Upright Health, I had two issues going on. Firstly I had been struggling with flexibility regarding hip[...]
Ted Hsu, Former Canadian Member of Parliament (no relation to Matt Hsu!)
Last year I was struggling with a shoulder injury caused by exercise and my motion was significantly restricted. Jumping jacks,[...]
Hip labral tears: what you need to know and what your doctor won’t tell you
Why are hip labral tears important to talk about? Hip pain is becoming an extremely common complaint in this age[...]
Injuries, surgeries, and hip pain recovery: life after the NFL
Today we are looking at the story of BK - his life during and after the NFL, and how hip[...]
Can you trust an MRI for back pain?
Back pain is one of the most common complaints in the modern world. It's irritating. It's debilitating. I know from[...]
What are the best tests for shoulder impingement?
If you're suffering with shoulder pain or you're somebody who helps others with shoulder pain, you may have encountered a[...]
Are wide pushups bad for you?
If you've ever gotten bored of doing regular pushups, you may have started thinking about doing wide pushups (AKA wide[...]
The best shoulder stability exercise you aren’t doing
There are a lot of people out there with painful shoulders searching for that magic shoulder stability exercise. As someone[...]
I hurt my back deadlifting, and I’m glad I did!
People often think that because I lift heavy weights and don't have any current injuries that I've never been injured.[...]
How to setup your ergonomic workstation in a hotel
These days, a lot of us travel for work. Business consultants, software engineers, and even trainers like me find ourselves[...]
How to reframe your pain
What is pain? Pain is a signal from your body that you need to change something that you are doing.[...]
Does surgery for shoulder labrum tears work?
If you have shoulder pain and someone has told you that it’s coming from a labral tear, you may feel[...]
Does shoulder impingement surgery work for shoulder pain and mobility issues?
If you’ve been told you have Shoulder Impingement that needs to be surgically repaired, you may have a lot of[...]
Shoulder pain from labral tears: are labral tears really causing the problem?
When you have shoulder pain, often doctors will have you get an MRI. They want to see if a labral[...]
How to find value in everything
Things will never go 100% as expected because nothing is ever 100% in our control. The true value of a[...]
Nathan Waxer, D.O. – Anesthesiologist
I trained as an osteopathic medical doctor. As osteopathic physicians, we take a holistic view of the body. We see[...]
The worst home shoulder pain remedy ever: what not to do!
I know how frustrating shoulder issues can be. And I know sometimes out of frustration people make bad choices. I[...]
When should you get surgery for your back, shoulder, knee, hip, etc. pain?
As a corrective exercise trainer and an orthopedic massage therapist, I talk with a lot of people with chronic pain.[...]
I hate school, but I love learning
For whatever reason, I’ve never liked school that much. I excelled in school all the way through high school. And[...]
The best way to learn anything
It is best to learn like a child. Experiencing without judgment or expectation. When a child learns to stand, does[...]
I am a practicing physical therapist, and I was diagnosed with FAI in my left hip in 2013. My MRI[...]
The pitfalls of overcoaching
I aim to avoid overcoaching. I believe it is more effective to break down a movement that the client finds[...]
Do shoulder impingement physical tests work?
Why think about special tests for the shoulder?When people are told they have shoulder impingement, there are a number of[...]
David W.
I had extreme pain in my groin, inner thighs, hips, tailbone and SI joint area for five years straight on[...]
Nathan P.
Years ago I ran five Triathlons, 3 sprints and 2 olympic size ones. It was a fun thing to do[...]
B.K., Former NFL Player
After more than a dozen orthopedic surgeries during my high school, college, and NFL career I thought my days of[...]
Does surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome actually work?
If you’ve been diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), and someone has suggested surgery to you, you may be a bit[...]
Kaleb Espinoza
I recently came across your channel and found many of your videos extremely relieving as well as beneficial. I had been suffering[...]
A Big Lesson From Orthorexia: When Good Eating Goes Bad
or·tho·rex·i·a || an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthyFor a period of time at the very beginning of[...]
Thanks again for the awesome session! Thinking back, it was helpful to meet in the gym to actually go through[...]
How effective is shoulder surgery for common shoulder pain problems?
If you have shoulder pain, you may be seriously considering surgery to correct your problem. And you're probably asking yourself, does shoulder[...]
Mariana R.
I first saw Matt in September 2016 for several pain and discomfort issues concerning both hips, my right shoulder and[...]
I had been challenged by hip mobility for many years as the result of an inflammatory condition. Pain was just[...]
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: Is it a bone problem that needs a surgical solution?
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: Is it a bone problem that needs a surgical solution? You head to the doctor because you[...]
Clinton B.
Wow!  That pretty much sums up my experience thus far at Upright Health.  There's few times in my life where[...]
Another study on the success of surgery for FAI (not good news for patients)
When people are considering surgery for femoroacetabular impingement, they often hear some extraordinarily positive predictions of success.  I had one[...]
Why principles matter more than your diet when it comes to weight loss (and life)
I gave a lecture today about the concept of "principles over methods." Principles should drive your understanding and execution in everything.[...]
Anna S.
When I started with Upright Health, I didn't know much about the origin of my body's tension, weakness, or pain.[...]
Dr. Pam P.
So, briefly about myself, I am a 60 year old physician, and if I can’t fix myself with non acute[...]
Giacomo P.
I was starting to develop chronic hip pain, something that had been building up over years. I finally went to[...]
Henry D.
3 years ago I had developed (seemingly out of nowhere) a real weakness and pain in my right hip. Simple[...]
X-rays and MRI’s on the shoulder: the truth about shoulder pain
If you have shoulder pain, you may have been told that you have an issue that's caused by something you[...]
How to consistently find motivation
  For example, I love the process of perfecting powerlifting technique/programming and nerding out about it. Every workout, I'm treating[...]
Chris Z.
I have a herniated disk in my lower back, and I could see I was losing strength and muscle, so[...]
Is Surgery My Only Option for My Rotator Cuff Tear?
You’ve been told you have a rotator cuff tear, and you are scared that your shoulder is going to hurt[...]
Surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – Is It Worth It?
Maybe you've been told you have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Maybe you've got numb, cold, tingling hands, and you can't seem[...]
John H.
Happy new year! I’ve been wanting to send you an e-mail thanking you for all of the work you and[...]
How to maintain arm strength even with a shoulder problem
You’ve got shoulder problems, and you want to improve your comfort levels - BUT you don’t want to lose the[...]
Roo H.
I teach and practice Aikido, a martial art that involves rolling, falling, and knee-walking. Beginning in 2010 (when I was[...]
Anisha A.
Prior to starting with Vincent, I was concerned about being able to stay interested in training. I had tried a[...]
Pain while trying to lift your arm out to the side?
I was working with a client the other day who has had years of issues with his shoulder. At seemingly[...]
Kim Wilde
Here's my story: About eight years ago, in the midst of the very emotionally, mentally and physically draining process of[...]
Tamsyn E.
When I first started, I had not engaged in any activity or sport for well over 5 years. Needless to[...]
Kannan A.
I have worked with many trainers over the years with little to no results, so I was reluctant to continue[...]
Nagmeh S.
I have had MRI's, tests and visited with several PT's for several years to find a solution for my neck[...]
Constant hand, wrist, and elbow pain made life nearly unbearable
Anyone who knew me in the last two years of high school and the last two years of college knew that[...]
How to improve scapular retraction
Whenever we work with clients who have problems with their shoulders, there's one motion that we ALWAYS try to improve right away.[...]
Jacqueline Y.
I was born with congenital hip dysplasia and walked around with a completely dislocated hip until 2 years old when[...]
How to Shop for a Pilates Class That Will Help (not Hurt) Your Posture
This is a guest post by Zeena Dhalla. Zeena Dhalla is a Certified Posture Specialist and self-proclaimed posture geek. She specializes[...]
Norm H.
Five stars to Matt and his team at Upright Health for all the help I got in dealing with femoroacetabular[...]
Evan A., Scientist
About two months after starting a desk job, my right hip started hurting. I'm 23, active, and a clinical self-diagnoser,[...]
Bonnie T., Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
I woke up one morning in January 2016 with nagging anterior hip pain. 3 days later I couldn't get out[...]
The real history of femoroacetabular impingement
Maybe you've been told you have femoroacetabular impingement. Maybe you suspect it's what's causing your hip pain. Let's take a look[...]
Do you really need to see a chiropractor forever?
Whenever someone starts up with me, there are several common questions that come up. One of them is a variation[...]
Getting diagnosed with FAI – does the diagnostic process make sense?
Femoracetabular impingement - also known as hip impingement - has become the go-to diagnosis for anyone who has hip pain and range[...]
Why learn self-massage? Why the science doesn’t matter (that much), and why not everyone needs to do it
There are a lot of things you have to learn to keep your body happy. Whether you're an athlete, a[...]
A review of the Bodycraft F660 Hip Sled – one of our new favorite training toys
We are quite happy with the Bodycraft F660 Hip Sled. A few months ago, we got a new piece of equipment at[...]
What do you need to do to fix anterior tilt? Should you squat and deadlift?
As personal trainers, we see anterior pelvic tilt a lot. And as a result of our YouTube videos on different approaches[...]
Irena N.
Matt is, by far, the best trainer/physical therapist/person who can help you fix whatever is wrong with your body I[...]
Does symmetry matter in your training?
There is always a lot of discussion about symmetry in how you train your body. When we are working with clients,[...]
Alex K., Student
I've been lifting weights for about a year now, flipping from program to program without truly understanding midline stabilization or[...]
Are you too old to get stronger?
Before we get started, I want to be clear. We're really lucky at Upright Health. We have a lot of great[...]
Mandy B.
 I found Upright Health, because after five years of CrossFit I started to experience pain while squatting in my IT[...]
Cinna W., Facebook Software Engineer
Three years ago, I started working at my first desk job as an engineer. Two years into the job, I[...]
How do you get rid of your hunchback? An exercise to improve hunchback posture
You look at yourself in the mirror. You turn to the side. You see the scourge of the 21st century.[...]
#27 – What’s new with painkillers?
In today's episode, Matt talks about news of opioid painkillers and what the history of opioid prescription means for you[...]
What are real success rates for surgery for femoroacetabular impingement?
When you do research on FAI surgery, you often come across numbers that sound spectacular. You find claims that the[...]
Mary W.
I came to Upright Health with chronic pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders from years of slumping in[...]
Ylva W.
I had pain in my groin and hip on and off since I gave birth to my daughter 13 years[...]
Bias in early femoroacetabular impingement research
I've been doing a lot of digging and reading lately, so I wanted to share some quick findings in terms[...]
Are hip injections 90% reliable for finding the cause of hip pain?
Why am I talking about hip injections?In a previous post, I shared an orthopedic physician's objections to what we've been talking about[...]
Peter W.
When I found Matt and the Upright Health team on the Internet a few months ago (mid-December), I didn't realize how much[...]
#26 – Think about your muscles
In today's episode, Matt lays out the risks and rewards of thinking about muscles instead of focusing on problems inside[...]
Catherine S.
When I went in to see Matt, I hobbled into the room. During the intake interview, he asked "Where do[...]
#25 – What absorbs impact? Is it your cartilage? Your bones?
In today's episode, Matt discusses the prevailing ideas of how our bodies absorb impact and how these ideas affect the[...]
Diagnostic injections and femoroacetabular impingement
If you suspect you have hip pain from feomoroacetabular impingement, you may be considering a hip injection. Should you get[...]
#24 – Alexander’s Anterior Pelvic Tilt Problem
In today's episode, we answer an Upright fan's question about his stubborn anterior pelvic tilt. To see our DIY training[...]
Does an alternative explanation for femoral acetabular impingement make sense?
A while back, I made this video to provide a preliminary outline of my ideas about hip pain and the recently[...]
Beth D. – Financial Advisor
I came to Upright Health because my low back and left S.I. joint would not stop aching and hurting, and[...]
#23 – Is sitting bad for you?
Is sitting as bad for you as everyone says? Should you burn your seat and stand for everything that you[...]
What does good personal training look like?
In Redwood City and in the Bay Area in general, there is no shortage of personal training options. There are Crossfit, 24 Four[...]
Ron D.
In the spring of 2013 my left gluteus felt like it tore while running. Next came plantar fasciitis. Before that[...]
Adam, CEO of Quora
A friend referred me to Upright Health because my left shoulder was in a constant spasm and the fingers of[...]
Eric B.
I’m 37 and have played pool/billiards for over 20 years, sometimes 10 hours a day. I took up golf 2[...]
Brian M.
My journey started with 2 weeks of severe pains in my neck and between my shoulder blades. This then lead[...]
Is femoroacetabular impingement something to worry about?
A while back, I started looking into femoroacetabular impingement because I started reading about it and hearing about in hockey[...]
Sally C.
Working with Upright Health was, at my age, not something I'd ever consider except at the urging of my adult[...]
Mary H.
Upright Health gave me my life back. Sounds dramatic, but that’s what it feels like. But let me back up…[...]
I met Matt over a year ago.  As the typical FAI-Hip Impingement story goes, I was diagnosed via MRI, and[...]
Is massage and stretching wasting your time?
As personal trainers who work with people with injuries, we get a lot of clients who have been through countless[...]
Andrew, CEO and Co-founder of Course Hero
I came to Matt to address several problems. First, I sit a lot for work, and both hips felt incredibly[...]
Manasi S., MD
Upright Health was the best decision I ever made. I have been a very active person my entire life -[...]
Kevin Miller, CEO of Coitcom
As a former college athlete and current overstressed CEO of a construction company, my shoulders and hips were so out[...]
James B.
A year ago my leg/back pain was so bad I could barely sleep, sit, or walk for more than 15[...]
Charles B.
Josh is truly a one of a kind coach and trainer. He's passionate about strength training and fitness and is[...]
I started seeing Matt almost a year ago thanks to the Internet, Yelp ratings, and the reviews. Those things really[...]
Holly Wade, Educator
I am not one to write testimonials, however, living in pain each day for over a year has motivated me[...]
#22 – Use “normal” to your advantage
In this episode, we talk about how to trick your brain and body into accepting new norms so you can[...]
#21 – Stuart and his hip impingement
Hear how Stuart's hip impingement has been doing since he started using the FAI Fix approach to his hip problems.[...]
#20 – You, the individual
What sets pro athletes apart from us mere mortals? What lesson did Matt learn from his body's failure to handle[...]
#19 – Commit and be willing to fail
Achieving your goals with your body depends on your ability to set a clear goal and being willing to falter[...]
#18 – Focus on bang for the buck
Feel guilty because you can't do all the exercises you want to do? Do you do exercises that are supposed[...]
Your Hips Don’t Lie: Is Surgery for FAI Worth It?
Do you ever feel a pinch in your hip when you sit down for an extended period of time? Is[...]
#17 – Move well, then move a lot
Training programs are often focused on burning more calories, moving faster, and "blasting" your fat. This approach could land you[...]
Ashlee P.
I have been training with Josh for almost 6 months now...I feel like Josh knows who I am and what[...]
Steve Cadigan, Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures
"Almost 3 years ago, I walked into Upright Health after exhausting countless other avenues in a quest to help me[...]
Mark, IT worker
"I’m 42 years old, married with two teenagers, and I work in Information Technology. With those three qualities, you can[...]
#16 – What can you learn from climbing on rocks?
Climbing around on rocks can teach you unexpected things about life and about yourself. Transcript: Hey, everybody! It's Matt Hsu[...]
#15 – Does hip surgery actually improve your quality of life?
Find out how flawed measurements of improvement in hip surgery patients make hip surgery seem like a great idea. Resources:[...]
#14 – How to troubleshoot your own body
Learn how to identify issues and possible solutions for your aches and pains, and then discover how to gauge progress.[...]
Torn About Your Meniscus?: My Experience with Knee Surgery
(From Matt: I'm pleased to welcome Naushad Godrej (AKA "Naush") to the Upright Health family. Naush has recently made a[...]
#13 – Sloppy thinking down a slippery slope
How important is terminology to solving your problems? Poor use of language can trap you in pain. Transcript: Hey, everybody![...]
#12 – Look back, look in, and look forward
What can be learned from a long vacation and what can you do to prepare yourself mentally for 2015? Transcript:[...]
#11 – Be specific to be successful
How do you get more flexible, mobile, and strong? How do you get good at your sport? It comes down[...]
#10 – Is Thanksgiving dying?
Is the American holiday undergoing a change? Should it? Share your thoughts below! Transcript: Hey, everybody! It's Matt Hsu from Upright[...]
#9 – Can your quadriceps save your knee from arthritis?
Why does everyone think quadriceps strength will stop knee pain? Find out how this idea got popular and why the[...]
#8 – What should Liam do about his clicky wrist?
In today's episode, Matt answers a fan's question about how to deal with a wrist that keeps clicking and talks[...]
Christa G., Hair Stylist
I started seeing YouTube videos from Matt and thought he had a great approach to pain issues. I had been[...]
Zach L.
In working to recover from a broken femur after a nasty snowboard accident, I have first hand experience in dealing[...]
#7 – Are you torturing yourself?
Today, you'll see how the CIA manual on torture explains why you make the decisions you do when you’re in[...]
#6 – Can you really have arthritis?
Arthritis is commonly considered the source of pain for creaky, painful joints. Bone spurs and narrowing joint spaces are its[...]
#5 – Should you stretch before you exercise?
In today's episode, we look at the age-old question: should you stretch before you exercise? Find out what the research[...]
#4 – Should you get hip surgery?
Jill had hip pain that wouldn't go away. Her surgeon warned her that she'd need arthroscopic surgery or she'd need[...]
#3 – Posture. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing?
Is good posture actually good? Does it really matter whether you have good posture? What does posture tell you about[...]
#2 – Why you shouldn’t meditate AND the binary nature of your body
In today's episode, learn why meditation is good for your mind but might not be for your body, and discover[...]
Carina M., Web Designer
Before I started working with Matt I'd lived with chronic, constant but variable neck and shoulder pain for several years.[...]
#1 – Beating pain with the right mindset
Welcome to the first ever Upright Health Podcast episode! Today's topic: Beating Pain with the Right Mindset. If you approach[...]
Does a pistol grip deformity (cam impingement) mean you will get arthritis?
As I continue to go through a long list of research studies on femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), I keep coming[...]
What do you do about trigger points with FAI?
You've been told you've got hip impingement. You don't want surgery. You've started learning how to exercise your hips and[...]
How to think about and address hip snapping
One of the most irritating things I've experienced with my hip joints over the years was popping and snapping. I've[...]
One technique to heal stubborn shoulder pain
Imagine this. You've had shoulder pain for years. Not just 1 month. Not just 1 year. You've had it for[...]
The ridiculous truth about femoral acetabular impingement diagnoses
A while back, I wrote a long post about femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) and how I think the diagnosis sounds[...]
Julia T., Associate Dean at Stanford Medical School
I have a job that requires me to sit in meetings and at a computer for long periods of time,[...]
Constantine K., Writer
I came looking for help after my back started to really get to me again. I've got two herniated discs[...]
Why I don’t buy FAI: a personal look at femoral acetabular impingement.
I recently watched Coach Kevin Neeld’s DVD set on mobility. He’s an intelligent coach and trainer with education in a[...]
Julice, Esthetician and Business Owner
"I initially sought out Matt for Rolfing services to help alleviate my hip, knee, shoulder and back pain. I suffered[...]
What should you do when an exercise hurts?
You do a squat, and your knee hurts. It hurts every time you squat. What do you do? Whenever a[...]
Frank von Harenberg
I am visiting from the Netherlands. My caring daughter made me an appointment to come see Matt. I must confess[...]
When I first met Matt, I was suffering from neck and lower back pain. I had bulging discs in my[...]
Is massage always good for neck and shoulder pain?
If you've ever had aches and pains in your neck and shoulders, you have probably been told that you need[...]
Are standing desks the solution to all your problems?
These days standing desks are all the rage in ergonomics. Everyone and his or her mother is asking for a[...]
Do squats work your hamstrings?
If you have weak hamstrings, you may have heard that squats are a great way to build hamstring strength. There[...]
Don’t let your calves get tight
There are many reasons calf muscles can get tight. For women, high heels are the most obvious culprit. For men,[...]
Egoscue exercise spotlight: Wall drop
Any time I've ever given Wall Drop to a client, the client has instantly said, "Oh, this is a calf[...]
Joan B., RN, MBA
Joan was suffering with debilitating hip pain. She was walking with a cane. She had already seen her doctor and[...]
Susan L., M.D.
When I was 30, I ran the NYC marathon. I finished it, smiling, but when I stopped, the pain in[...]
Are the effects of Rolfing permanent?
People wonder all the time whether Rolfing creates permanent changes in your posture. It's a perfectly good question to ask,[...]
How to train out the pain of airplane travel
As many of you know, Upright Health is preparing to move to Menlo Park to help Silicon Valleyites improve their[...]
Michael L.
Matt knows more about releasing pain and improving the quality of life than most physicians will ever know. I hadn't[...]
Paul G., CPA
I truly appreciate the time we spent together over the last year which has helped greatly to reduce my daily[...]
Belief + persistence = success
It's been almost ten years since a doctor told me that the pain in my knee was from old age[...]
Terry nixes the back pain and gets his golf swing back
After years of constant pain, four sessions of Rolfing® Structural Integration and a few months of consistent adherence to a[...]
Jessica untwists and gets back to running
With pain and discomfort from head to toe, Jessica couldn't even train for marathons anymore. Her body was out of[...]
Craig gets his shoulder back
After failed cervical spine surgeries to help with his shoulder pain, Craig came to Upright Health. Targeted Rolfing® Structural Integration[...]
Audrey beats her headaches
Following scoliosis surgery, Audrey developed debilitating headaches. Massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic didn't seem to help. After learning how realign her[...]
Mark M.
Mark wanted to complete an Ironman, but constant tightness in his inner thigh and abdominals were hampering all his training[...]
Brian G.
Brian's site for MMA training, self-defense training, and health consulting: After 25 years of continuous mixed martial arts training[...]
If a muscle feels tight, does it need to be stretched?
One of the most challenging and confusing parts of training a person (or yourself) to be able to move better[...]
Mark U., CTO of Platformic, Inc.
The work that Matt did with me changed my life, and this is no small statement. I came to Matt[...]
Lauren gets her hips ready to run
Lauren talks about how massages, acupuncture treatments, and chiropractic adjustments weren't helping keep post-running pain at bay. With the stretches[...]
Anthony L.
I had severe back and sciatica pain for about 9 months. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get better.[...]
Is walking enough exercise to keep you fit?
I work with a good number of clients in their thirties, forties, and fifties (and up) who have lists of[...]
How I insulted Stuart McGill and learned what a herniated disk feels like
I was at the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach this past weekend, and I had the pleasure of sitting[...]
Mountain Chang
What I liked most about my experience with Matt was that he doesn't apply a one-size-fits-all solution to his clients.[...]
The best stretches for your hamstrings
Ever wish you could touch your toes? Ever wonder why all the stretching you're doing doesn't seem to get your[...]
Upright Health in the San Diego Union Tribune
My first client this morning alerted me to an article about posture in the San Diego Union Tribune this morning.[...]
Rolfing, Chinese weightlifters, and what I didn’t know I didn’t know
When I first became a Rolfer and subsequently started studying with Egoscue University, it was because I had a certain[...]
DIY knee pain relief for those with bony butts
A few months ago, I started working with a gentleman (let’s call him Hippie) whose right knee and hip had[...]
An exercise to reactivate your hamstrings, reduce hip popping, and wake up your feet
During the dark days of my life when I was “resting” my injuries and waiting for the heavens to rain[...]
Hurting my own posture during workouts
A little while ago, I started using Fitocracy, a website (with Android and iOS apps) that helps you track your[...]
Egoscue exercise spotlight: Airbench
If you’ve read any of Pete Egoscue’s books, you’ve come across the dreaded Airbench. Those who haven’t read any Egoscue[...]
An exercise to help you find your butt muscles
I don't think I go a single day in the office without seeing someone with a set of butt muscles[...]
Lessons from a broken rib
So I recently broke a rib (maybe two?). I was engaged in mortal combat with a friend who, in addition[...]
What caused my back pain?
One of the trickiest questions I get asked is “what caused my back pain?” Or variations on that theme like[...]
Don’t just listen to the experts
When you have a problem with your plumbing, you call a plumber. When you have a legal issue, you call[...]
Can you do too many sit ups and crunches?
Last week I had a lady call me who was at her wit's end. About a week earlier, she'd woken[...]
Something you should never do for a shoulder injury
In junior year of college at UCLA, I went snowboarding with a buddy in Big Bear. We both liked barreling[...]
Will the Egoscue Tower help you?
If you've read Tim Ferris' book The Four Hour Body, you probably read about "The Egoscue Tower." Tim makes it[...]
Should you stretch before your sport?
  Gretchen Reynolds of the NY Times Well Blog posted another article today about stretching. If you read my post[...]
Will Rolfing Structural Integration help with knee pain?
People seek out Rolfing® Structural Integration for all kinds of painful conditions, not least of which is pain in or[...]
How to make exercise a daily habit
For people who’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions like arthritis, exercise has become a commonly accepted[...]
Are you running a movement deficit?
Okay, let's forget about all the talk of the U.S. government running huge budget deficits. Let's talk about you. But[...]
A stretch that got me deeper in my squat
A little while ago, I was thinking about how deeply I could squat. Being able to squat “ass to grass”[...]
A couple Egoscue exercises that can be a big help with shoulder issues
If you've got shoulder pain this short routine may be helpful for you. It's a pretty low-demand routine, so it[...]
How to get a good night’s sleep
If you've ever woken up feeling less rested than when you went to bed, this is a little experiment I[...]
Hard to stand up after long periods of sitting?
These days, it's more and more common for people to feel like it's hard to stand up after long periods[...]
How do you foam roll adductor brevis and pectineus?
Okay, most people don't sit around on the weekend wondering "is it possible to foam roll adductor brevis or pectineus?"[...]
Three tips for stiff hips
By the time I was 22, walking down stairs was getting pretty difficult on account of a constant pinching sensation[...]
What’s the proper height for your computer monitor?
One of the most common ailments for the modern worker is chronic tension in the back of the neck and[...]
4 posture improving stretches you can do while on the road
If you've ever complained that you don't have time to do stretches or exercises while you're traveling on business or[...]
Hunchbacks hurt your shoulders — why this Rolfer is tired of your rotator cuff problem
It gets old hearing that rotator cuffs are the source of all shoulder problems. Nobody ever talks about how other[...]
Hard to walk up and down stairs? A non-deadly effect of long-term sitting
If you've seen the studies on sitting reducing your life expectancy, you know that sitting a lot isn't great for[...]
Is back surgery a placebo?
When you're in pain, you'll do just about anything to get relief. In today's system, if you have back pain,[...]
How hunchbacks hurt your shoulders
Hunchbacks aren't just cosmetic concerns. They can have a big effect on the health of your shoulders.
What does good posture look like to a Rolfer and a personal trainer?
As a Rolfer and corrective exercise specialist, I think about and talk about posture a lot. But it's one thing[...]
Kinesis keyboards – the perfect ergonomic gift for the office worker
Even though I do a lot more standing, squatting, leaning, balancing, and walking around than most people get to do[...]
What can you learn from an NHL goalie about stretching?
As many of you know, I like getting hit by pucks in my spare time. I was reading an article[...]
Ergonomics and “chair disease”
A few days ago, I wrote briefly about ergonomics and how a good workstation still won't negate your body's need[...]
Ergonomics won’t solve your problems
How many different ergonomic products have you tried? Different keyboards, different keyboard trays, different mice, different chairs...I know I've been[...]
Your TV is killing you
Your best friend has had it in for you for years. I know, it's hard to believe that your friend[...]
How often should you stretch?
People ask me all the time how often you need to stretch. If someone asked you, "how often should I[...]
Breast augmentation and back pain
Over the years, I've worked with many women who have had breast implants. Almost all of the women I've worked[...]
What is synergistic dominance?
Today I'm going to talk a little technically. We're going to talk about a phenomenon that directly affects how you[...]
One cause of bad posture
You may have asked yourself, "why is my posture so bad? What did I do to deserve this?!" And then[...]
Will working harder get you out of pain?
A lot of times I hear ladies and gentlemen tell me how once they started noticing injuries, they started to[...]
What kind of pillow should you use?
One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is "what kind of pillow do you recommend?"[...]
Lifting with your knees is a bad idea
You've probably heard family, friends, and coworkers say this to you before: "Lift with your knees, not your back!" And[...]
Does driving twist your hips?
For a lot of people, driving can be painful. For years, I really hated getting in a car because sitting[...]
Is the internet bad for your posture?
When's the last time you played a game on your phone, tablet, or laptop? Or the last time you realized[...]
Does a tight muscle need to be stretched?
Read the Updated ArticleIf you want a practical summary to the tight muscle problem with simple charts, check out the[...]
Can laptops cause pain?
When I was 20, I started to get a sneaking suspicion that my little Apple iBook was actually looking to[...]
Find it hard to improve your flexibility?
If you're trying to get more flexible with various stretches, there are several hurdles that can stop you from getting[...]
Can a Rolfer be replaced with a foam roller?
Over the last five years, there's been a huge increase in the awareness of the importance of fascia. The awareness[...]
Why Strength Training, Not Surgery, Is Probably the Solution to Shoulder Clicking and Popping
If you have snapping, popping, and other cracking noises in your shoulders, you might be wondering what’s causing these sounds[...]
Mike the runner talks about knee pain
Here's the latest video from Mike the runner. After years of injuries and countless appointments with therapists and doctors of[...]
A runner tunes his body up and turns back time
Mike had heard that his problem was that he was too old. Getting old meant getting creaky and getting creaky[...]
Did your genes give you bad posture?
A lot of people wonder whether posture is purely genetic. They wonder if they can blame Mom, Dad, and the[...]
Harry Potter and pain
I don't read Harry Potter books, but I happened to stumble across this fantastic quote from JK Rowling in her[...]
Do orthotics relieve foot, knee, hip, and/or back pain?
People with foot, knee, hip, and/or back pain are often told that they need orthotics. Whether it's the doctor, chiropractor,[...]
A runner stretches away pain
The en vogue topic of conversation these days is that stretching isn't really good for you. Nothing could be further[...]
How to grow taller, according to Elle
If you're a woman and you've ever felt like you're shrinking, Elle magazine has a great article on posture for[...]
Does form really matter when you’re running?
In running circles, proper form is a major point of discussion. Everyone talks about the right way to run, the[...]
Powerful posture isn’t just an aesthetic ideal
Back in the old days, people used to obsess about posture (see this video on posture from the 50s for[...]
Gretchen Reynolds is wrong about stretching
If you're a radio listener, you may have heard this story from NY Times health writer Gretchen Reynolds.  In this[...]
Posture is a window into your golf swing
I don't golf, but I do know something about sports that require you to twist and turn (I play hockey,[...]
Sue beat her hip pain and walked away from pain killers
Sue wasn't able to walk anymore because her right hip and knee hurt too much. She didn't know what to[...]
Why is posture important?
Posture isn't just an aesthetic concern. Yes, people do judge you based on the way you stand and hold yourself,[...]
Tommy beats his back pain
You'll find this new addition on the back pain testimonials page: I came to Matt Hsu as a last effort[...]
San Diego’s Doctors and Surgeons want to improve their posture too
When I was younger, I used to think that everyone in the medical world was immune to pain. I spent[...]
Know someone taking Bi Yan Pian?
This is a quick public service announcement unrelated to posture... If you or someone you know is taking Bi Yan[...]
A simple technique to help when you’re frustrated with your progress
Getting out of pain can take time. You might feel frustrated at times. When those times hit, it's important to[...]
More balance despite “old age”
I often work with people who have issues with their balance. I think in generations past, this was a problem[...]
Weekend warrior? Why acetaminophen might not be a great idea.
A lot of people have their favorite pain killers. But if you like being able to breathe well, you might[...]
What’s your favorite exercise?
Every week, we witness a lot of amazing successes at Upright Health. We see people beat their pain and regain[...]
Running does not cause osteoarthritis
The most common myth you hear out in the world about knee osteoarthritis is that running and jogging is what[...]
How wrong are MRI’s?
If an MRI told you had an ACL tear, you'd probably start looking for a good orthopedic surgeon. And who[...]
Jessica M.
After herniating a disc in my neck, I spent a year trying massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy only[...]
Learning a new programming language
We live in an age where computers run everything. Behind the scenes, there are brilliant computer programmers creating systems that[...]
See Matt run.
Okay, so not really "run," but skate.  This video is the answer to one of the questions I hear the[...]
Another shoulder feels better
Just wanted to share another client's story of her shoulder pain and how quickly it changed when she started training[...]
A post-vacation thank you note
Just got this wonderful little note from a client last week. She had been struggling with back and hip pain[...]
Muscle imbalances throw your mind off-kilter
Your posture says a lot about muscular balance. It is a visual representation of how well your muscles coordinate with[...]
Life can get better even after failed surgery
If you know anyone who's had the misfortune of going through back or hip surgery only to find that the[...]
See Sally’s Story
This Sally doesn't sell sea shells by the sea shore, but she's got a story about posture improvement that you[...]
The answer to one woman’s frozen shoulder
You can't tuck your shirt into the back of your pants anymore. It's impossible to reach up into the cupboard[...]
Get your hands up! – A shoulder self-test
This is a great test to see how healthy your shoulders are. Proper shoulder function is vital to preventing shoulder[...]
Here’s the answer to an age-old question
How did my posture get this way?! When people come to Upright Health, they know (or strongly suspect) that their[...]
What do the MRI’s on my wall mean?
I keep three MRI slides on my wall. When people first walk in, they tend not to notice them, but[...]
What does Jenga have to do with pain?
If you've ever played Jenga, you have an understanding of how all the body's parts interact and affect one another.[...]
Who wants to walk with a cane?
Do you know someone who wants to be dependent on a cane for walking? Neither do I. Since October of[...]
Trust yourself
Just a quick, quick note for a beautiful Saturday in San Diego. Trust yourself. You know more than you think[...]
Sue S.
I tore a disc in my lumbar spine in December 2009 and had nerve blocks, epidurals, pain killers, PT, acupuncture,[...]
A stem cell doctor weighs in on alignment
In his e-book, Orthopedics 2.0, regenerative medicine and orthopedic stem-cell doctor Christopher Centeno, M.D. talks about the importance of posture[...]
Burn your pain as fuel
“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” ~Kenji Miyazawa I came across this quote last[...]
Shoulder pain can make it tough to get dressed
Back in 2003 or 2004, I developed a fun, somewhat inconvenient way to put on and take off t-shirts. I[...]
Which domino would you blame for back pain?
When thinking about back pain, we have long been trained by the medical system to think about disc and bone[...]
What you see is not always what you get
With the amazing technological advances in the medical field, it can be hard to remember that not all advances give[...]
More on MRIs and back pain
For those who still think MRI's are the answer to the mystery of their back pain: "In a 1994 study[...]
Why the MD and PT laughed at my client
Back in December I started working with a young guy who had been diagnosed with a herniated disc. According to[...]
Get your shoulders level
Imagine being the type of person who likes lifting weights, riding a motorcycle, and watching San Diego Chargers games. Now[...]
Can sitting too much kill you?
In today's world, we do a lot of sitting. We sit down to eat. We sit in the car to[...]
Plantar fasciitis and its treatments don’t make sense
Imagine waking up in the morning, putting your foot down on the floor, and feeling like someone had replaced your[...]
The inflammatory myth of tennis elbow
You probably know someone who's complained about tennis elbow in the past. And their doctor probably mentioned epicondylitis or tendinitis.[...]
Injected relief is a dose of long-term damage
If you are an athlete with recurrent or chronic pain or hang around people with recurrent or chronic pain, you've[...]
Sleeping on a bad shoulder is like rocks rubbing together
I was lying in bed the other night on my side, and I realized just how far my body has[...]
Back surgeries back fire!
This is important for you and those you care about. For those of you who are already fans of Upright[...]
Another client reaches for the stars
It's been a while since I shared before and after pictures, so I thought I'd dig into the files and[...]
Can your body really change?
A lot of people ask me, "Can I really change my posture?" And the answer is an unequivocal yes.  Your[...]
Is your head on straight?
Yes, I tend to talk a lot about posture, but this time around I don't mean that question in the[...]
ACL surgery efficacy questioned again
A study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine questions the effectiveness of ACL surgery in restoring health[...]
Make your sleep more restful
Sleep should be a restful period, but for a lot of people with chronic pain, it's not. For some reason,[...]
Why is it so hard to make a fake knee?
My brother has been in the medical engineering field for the last several years and has worked on things like[...]
Pictures from the party are up!
Silly pictures from the opening of Upright Health's new location in San Diego are up! You can head to Lumiere[...]
Wrist pain taught me to stand up straight
I was a student at UCLA.  I worked in an on-campus computer lab.  One winter, I injured my right shoulder[...]
Heel pain? What are your shoulders doing?
Everything is connected -- in your personal life, in business, in your body.  I have a client who can tell[...]
The diction of doom
The way the medical world views pain dooms its victims to failure. What's shocking is that it stems from a[...]
Another back ache bites the dust
Got some more pictures for you of someone who's suffered with back pain for about 6 years.  Not just back[...]
Wisdom comes from failure
I just wanted to share a quick quote that is truly relevant to the way we treat our bodies and[...]
Ever woken up with back pain?
Have you ever woken up from a good night's rest to find your back in miserable spasm?  You can't turn[...]
Can miserable malalignment be fixed quickly?
If you've never heard of the medical diagnosis "miserable malalignment" it's because it hasn't been discussed much until recently.The first[...]
A superstar fixes his posture!
I have to share these pictures of a client who recently started working with me. He's a guy who, before[...]
Surgery doesn’t restore function to your shoulder
Surgery to repair torn rotator cuffs is common. I have known several hockey teammates and other friends who have had[...]
Are your tires aligned?
One of the best metaphors for the way your body works is one of the car.  Let's say your left[...]
Your email addiction is killing you!
I know, you have to check your email again. There might be SOMETHING really good in there, so you HAVE[...]
Will surgery on the wrist really fix a wrist problem?
Carpal tunnel. Scary words. Everyone knows what it means at this point. But do you know what carpal tunnel surgery[...]
Could your smart phone be hurting your knees?
I love smart phones. I think they're fantastic for making business happen, for greasing the wheels of every transaction in[...]
Want to know why your pain sticks around?
Chronic pain is frustrating precisely because it seems like you'll never beat it. Everywhere you turn, someone is telling you[...]
ACLs don’t heal?
Based on the medical observation that torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACLs for short) often don't heal, common wisdom is that[...]
Are you driving your foot wonky?
In San Diego, driving is a necessity. Natives know that the "North American Outstanding Public Transportation System of Year" award [...]
You are the expert on your body
With every doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, personal trainer, and acupuncturist telling you that they know best about your body, it's[...]
An e-book is on the way!
Ever wondered what pain really is? What pain really means?  Do you have friends or family who think painkillers are[...]
Remember to stand up!
Just a quick reminder to all you folks out there sitting in front of computers all day: stand up and[...]
You aren’t the only one who can’t sit up straight
This laughable article about research done in Australia makes me, well, want to laugh!  The study is called "Is ideal[...]
Research says surgery is not the answer to knee osteoarthritis
If you've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, and your doctor and your friends and family have been putting[...]
Getting needled? Posture still matters!
I remember when very few people knew what acupuncture was.  I remember being extremely skittish about getting acupuncture, and I[...]
Does knee replacement get you back to golfing?
The American Journal of Sports Medicine has an incredibly important piece of research coming out in its next issue. It's[...]
Looking at body problems holistically
Mike Boyle, a training guru, has a fantastic video up that speaks about the way to deal with musculoskeletal injuries[...]
Rest, Ice, Pills (R.I.P.) doesn’t work for bursitis
If you've ever been medically diagnosed with "bursitis" in your hip or your shoulder, you have come across the mysterious[...]
Age doesn’t cause pain
I saw something called the Seat Assist while walking by a medical supply store in San Francisco a few months[...]
How come Rolfing didn’t help my pain?
One of the biggest issues with any therapy that purports to help you is when the therapy doesn't help you. [...]
Slowing down isn’t an option
I've often seen or heard from sufferers of chronic pain that they had to slow down the pace of their[...]
Be wary of pharmaceuticals
There's a place for pharmaceuticals in any health care system.  I recently had a battle with an incredible stomach flu[...]
Anti-inflammatories slow healing and recovery
There was a time when I lived on anti-inflammatories, hoping they'd allow the swelling in the different injured parts of[...]
There’s nothing wrong with your bed
How many times have you woken up thinking, "how bad off am I that I wake up feeling like crap?"[...]
You do it to and for yourself
One of the oft-bemoaned facts in health care is that patients don't do what's good for them.  I had a[...]
Car seats affect baby breaths
I heard about this story the other day on the radio while driving around town. Infant car safety seats can[...]
Another exhibit in the case for barefooting
You already know that I'm a big fan of shoes that mimic the mechanics of walking barefoot.  I own a[...]
Online Stopwatch for self-care
If you don't have a watch or cell phone with a handy countdown timer and you happen to have your[...]
Swearing reduces pain
I wouldn't call swearing a particularly great way to deal with pain in the long-run, but it's apparently pretty good[...]
It’s up to you to heal
Have you ever heard an alternative health practitioner tell you that they are helping you unlock your potential to heal[...]
Solving pain means being stubborn
Pain is something I take very seriously.  I have fought with repetitive strain injuries, joint weakness, sports injuries and seemingly[...]
The new world of back pain treatment
The United Kingdom's National Health Service has issued new guidance for the treatment of back pain.  In short: X-rays and[...]
Nix those nagging running injuries in one easy step
If you suffer from aches and pains in your feet, ankles, shins, calves knees, hips, and back as a result[...]
Exercise solution for computer pain
It's been about 30 years since the computing revolution began to weave its digital tendrils into our daily lives. For[...]
Medical Imaging for Diagnoses: Not all it’s cracked up to be
It's one thing for alternative health practitioners to proclaim that standard medical procedures are no good for your health, but[...]
Community Clinic Saturday, January 24
Saturday, January 24, 2009 will be an all-day Community Clinic for those who feel that they need Rolfing and myofascial[...]
What’s the big deal with bras?
I was having a conversation with a close female friend a few weeks ago who mentioned that, over the years,[...]
What is the right way to sleep?
I often get asked what the ideal way to sleep is: On your back? On your stomach? With a giant[...]
The importance of stretching in earnest
If you're like the teeming masses of everyday people who've tried their hands at stretching, you know how tough it[...]
Tips for buying shoes
If you are fortunate enough to live in a city as walkable as San Francisco, you know how important your[...]
How can Rolfing affect you emotionally?
People often wonder how structural integrators can claim to elicit emotional change. Structural integrators claim that a sense of well-being[...]
Does Rolfing treat pain?
My answer to this question is yes -- and in the way you have been looking for! I came to[...]