Michael L.

Michael suffered from back and neck painMatt knows more about releasing pain and improving the quality of life than most physicians will ever know. I hadn’t been able to see Matt for the four years he was in San Diego and I was really suffering. I mean really suffering to the point of having to use serious medications. He came by on his first day back in the Bay Area and worked on my pectoral muscles which were a major source of my back pain. He also rearranged my workstation and I have been feeling FANTASTIC since his visit. He is moving back to the Bay Area and this is great news for anyone dealing with physical pain on any level. This guy knows more, much more, than most physicians and physical therapists will ever know about healing the body naturally. There isn’t a chiropractor, physical therapist, exercise physiologist or so called pain specialist that knows more than Matt does about dramatically improving pain levels.

Forget what you think pain relief should look like. Make an appointment to see this guy. You will truly find out what pain relief and getting your life back is all about.


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