Mary W.

Mary_chronic_paincroI came to Upright Health with chronic pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders from years of slumping in front of computers. I had been to physical therapy multiple times, tried acupuncture and a chiropractor, and spent lots of time with a massage therapist. A couple of the physical therapists were really good and got the pain to stop – but then they would pronounce me “done” – and a month or two later the pain would return. Clearly, I needed to make long term changes to what I was doing to my body.

Josh listened to my description of what hurt and what my goals were (I was signed up for a marathon walk in three months). He carefully observed how I stood and moved. Then he devised a program that included strength training, stretching, targeted massage and body rolling that had me seeing improvement almost immediately. The whole program was customized for me and tweaked every week at my workouts. I walked the marathon with no problem.

It’s now been a year and I still work out every other week with Josh. I am so much stronger everywhere, especially in my upper back, and I can dead lift 150 pounds. My shoulders are no longer stuck in a forward slump and they move like they’re supposed to.

Most importantly though, Josh gave me the tools to help myself. When my body starts to hurt, I can identify what I’ve done to bring it on and what to do on my own to fix it. And if I can’t, I know that Josh and Matt will work together with me to figure it out.

Thanks, Upright Health, for giving me my life back!


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