Mark U., CTO of Platformic, Inc.

The work that Matt did with me changed my life, and this is no small statement. I came to Matt after a several year collection of knee surgeries, foot surgeries and other issues that had brought my ability to do the outdoor sports that I love to a painful screeching halt.

I love hiking for hours and miles in addition to all sorts of outdoor stuff, but it had gotten so painful that walking my dog sucked. I came to Matt without much in the way of expectations because the whole downhill ride had been littered with attempts to make my body feel better.

The exercises he gave me started to have a noticeable impact in a few weeks. After a couple of months I was at a place where I was (and am) able to do so much more than I had for a couple of years. This summer I enjoyed a 10-hour day of hiking in Sequoia National Park. I can’t say I wasn’t sore at all and I won’t say that I feel as good as I did when I was 20, but I am miles from where I was, and I couldn’t have done that hike a year ago without screaming pain. Thanks, Matt!


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