Mandy B.

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 I found Upright Health, because after five years of CrossFit I started to experience pain while squatting in my IT band. It was hard to describe and didn’t happen all the time. It felt like my IT band was sliding or shifting whenever I would do a squat. I didn’t want it to get any worse, so I looked up possible solutions and Upright Health seemed to have all the answers to the questions I had.

I always wondered why my deadlift was so much higher than my squat, why my hips shifted slightly to the right when I squat or how to make my IT band feel better. Unlike most people that walk into Upright Health I was not in chronic or unbearable pain, I just noticed something and I didn’t want it to get worse.

I love CrossFit and I want to be able to CrossFit for as long as possible. Kristen helped me realize that in order to keep going at the rate I had been, I just need to supplement my training with additional accessory work and stretching/rolling out. She explained that some CrossFitters become “quad dominant” from the same repetition of movements and don’t use their glutes as much as they should. She helped me learn to turn my quad activation down by rolling them out and doing some booty strengthening exercises that are WAY harder than they look.

Kristen was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in identifying and correcting my muscle imbalances, in my hips and shoulders. She has an amazing ability to tell you what can be improved by just watching you walk for a couple steps. I urge everyone to not wait until you experience chronic pain. Going to Upright Health to form good habits and correct movement patterns can save you a lot of time in discomfort. Because of Kristen, I look forward to continuing to CrossFit pain-free!


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