Manasi S., MD

Umanasi labral tear clientpright Health was the best decision I ever made. I have been a very active person my entire life – from sports in school to spartan training over the past couple years. Six months ago I began developing low back pain and hip pain that just kept worsening each day.

It got to the point where sitting, standing, and walking just from the bed to the bathroom were painful. I’m an emergency room doctor, and going to work always left a pit in my stomach because I knew I’d be on my feet all day and have to deal with the pain. I went to three to four orthopedic doctors and had so much imaging that I basically glowed in the dark. I also went to two physical therapists. One didn’t give me a diagnosis; the other told me I had a weak core and needed to strengthen my transversus abdominis. Both PTs helped a little, but nothing was permanent.

Ultimately I was diagnosed with a labral tear via an arthrogram and was recommended surgery.

I had been watching Matt’s YouTube videos for awhile, and one night I saw Kristen’s story and realized it sounded just like mine, so I figured i’d give it a try.

I flew to Palo Alto from NYC and within the first session, I already noticed I was walking better. By the end of 4 sessions with Kristen (2 Skype and 2 live), I was able to hike the Grand Canyon with very little pain. After a couple more sessions in Redwood City two months later, I built up to deadlifting 120 pounds (more than my body weight), squatting with 50 pounds, and I am now easing back into doing burpees and other intense exercises I’ve missed for so long!

I can’t thank the team at Upright Health enough for giving me my life back!


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