Kevin Miller, CEO of Coitcom

kevinAs a former college athlete and current overstressed CEO of a construction company, my shoulders and hips were so out of whack that normal day to day activities were a challenge.  My feet did not point in the same direction and I could barely pull my seat belt down in my car because my shoulder was so knotted up.  Running was out of the question and my right shoulder would not let me do a number of overhead lifts.  However, with no glaring acute injuries, I was prescribed mild physical therapy to address my issues.

Matt and the Upright Health team worked with me to identify where my body was unbalanced and out of line and then developed a custom plan of therapeutic massage, stretching and strength training that targeted my exact needs.

My time at Upright Health has brought me levels of comfort and mobility that I have not had in years.  I can’t thank Matt and his team enough.


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