Kaleb Espinoza

Kaleb Espinoza with FAII recently came across your channel and found many of your videos extremely relieving as well as beneficial.

I had been suffering from FAI for about a year now. I’ve had many low points due to this and have been slightly depressed for a while.

Prior to that I had about an 8 month long adductor strain. For both injuries I went to physical therapy. My adductor took about 2 months to feel good again and then after just 2 weeks another problem arose – FAI, of which at the time I was unaware. So, I went to physical therapy for that for about 3 months. Just like you said in your videos, I was given stretches and exercises that are theoretically supposed to work, but only helped to reduce the pain. Prior to all of this, I was a highschool powerlifter and now I was realizing I had a huge muscle imbalance. The exercises helped but didn’t get to the root of the problem at all, just kept it at bay.

After I hit a low point last Friday, I looked up new stretches for my affliction and came across your videos and couldn’t be any happier. I’ve followed the stretches for about a week now and am seeing significant improvement. I had lost a lot of hope as I am only 19 and haven’t been able to live my life to the fullest because of my FAI. I would cramp in my leg and glute and along the sides of them, and my back would hurt. I couldn’t jump, run, swim, or dance, or anything enjoyable without having severe to slight pain. I had an active job and I would be in pain during my shifts and on the drive to and from work.

But, in just a week, your videos have given me so much hope. I feel so much better and I’m going to continue for as long as I plan on lifting. So thank you very much for starting this channel, and I hope you keep making videos!


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