Joey C., Science Education Researcher

Before coming to Upright Health, I had two issues going on.

Firstly I had been struggling with flexibility regarding hip rotation, particularly external rotation. Both sides are equally rubbish but the right side had been painful and stiff ever since I suffered a hip flexor tear on that side about a year ago.

For this issue, I had tried stretching and rolling at home and also yoga.

The second issue is what has been suggested by my doctor as a potential pinched nerve in the hip area, although they have no idea really what it is.

I’ve had hip x-rays, some physical therapy, and a LOT of ibuprofen! It happens intermittently. If I’ve been sitting for a while on certain chairs or laying down, then when I get up I’m unable to stand up fully and I experience a weird sensation running down the front of my hip/thigh that prevents me from moving. It goes away usually if I sit down again and engage my core before I stand up (something I learned from Vincent).

I initially came to Upright Health to work on the flexibility issue, and getting help with the pinched nerve issue has been a bonus. I’d been using some of Upright Health’s goalie and stretching videos online, so I was over the moon to find that they were local to me.

I’d become increasingly frustrated by ‘professionals’ who were not athletes or sportspeople themselves – often I felt like I knew more about what I needed than they did.

I came to Upright Health because they ARE athletes and they all participate in some sporting activities. It’s evident that they all really understand how bodies work, and how an athlete’s body needs to work. And they’re really good at explaining things!

My current status after 2 months of training is that I feel much stronger and more in control of my own body. My flexibility is improving. It’s not where I want it to be yet but it’s getting there.

More importantly, working with Vincent has helped me to realize that my body mechanics are shocking – actually they WERE shocking. They improve every time I visit!

Normally when you go for physical therapy, they help you with a few exercises to ‘fix’ the current problem, but Upright Health is helping me see the long term path to making beneficial changes. I’m learning how to change my approach to training and also rewire my automatic movement patterns. How cool is that?!!

I really like how they all know me and my issues even though I work with just Vincent. I love how when I arrive Vincent is 100% prepared with a program for me to move to the next level and it’s all interconnected. And he does his research. He’s not a goalie but he clearly has taken time to read or has asked about what kind of mechanics are involved in hockey and how a goalie’s body performs.

The weird nerve thing is not gone yet but it’s improving and I have a better understanding of the body mechanics and tools to help release it when it does happen. Since working with Upright Health I feel faster and stronger on the ice and more confident in my body. And I can deadlift from the floor!!! =)

As an athlete, the most important result since I’ve been working with Upright Health is that I’ve had compliments (quite a lot) on how my game has improved. That’s the best result one can hope for.



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