James B.

james bcrop A year ago my leg/back pain was so bad I could barely sleep, sit, or walk for more than 15 mins without extreme discomfort. I tried it all. Months of physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, fire cupping, bloodletting, and floatation tanks, either exacerbated the problem or lasted only temporarily. After four PRP/prolotherapy sessions, three cortisone injections, two MRI’s, EMG test, and a clinical study, my Stanford doctor gave me¬†two options. Pain management (norco/seizure meds) or surgery.

Out of desperation, I scoured the internet for answers. I discovered Upright Health. After three months of seeing them, I have regained strength, improved flexibility, and relieved 90% of my pain.

If doctors and specialists are not helping, check out their Youtube channel or make an appointment in Redwood City.

Pain sucks. Life shouldn’t.



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