Irena N.

Matt is, by far, the best trainer/physical therapist/person who can help you fix whatever is wrong with your body I have encountered, and I have encountered far too many (over 20). I  have had problems with my hip, back, and shoulder for over 5 years and have been told that I have FAI, a labral tear in my hip, loose joints, bursitis, sprains, etc. and that I need surgery.

Matt is unique in that he truly listens to what is going on with YOU and then works with you to individualize the program to what works for you. You try an exercise, you see together whether it is doing what it is supposed to, and if it isn’t, then he tries something else. He is thoughtful, dedicated and knowledgeable, and respects your experience and understanding of your own body, using all of this to work together to find a solution. Thanks to him, I understand my body a lot better and have made more progress in the last 2 months than I had in the last 5 years.

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