Holly Wade, Educator

Holly Wade

I am not one to write testimonials, however, living in pain each day for over a year has motivated me to tell my story back to strength, wellness and movement.

When I was referred to Matt and Upright Health, it had been over a year since I had been able to sleep without pain, walk, run, ride a bike, sit at my desk, or play golf. 

I was not hopeful when I met Matt, and really was not that convinced that strength building would alleviate the pain that I had endured for so long, as I had tried everything to mitigate my back problems, and nothing had helped.

Matt’s positive approach, his attitude, and expertise set me at ease my very first visit.  I appreciated his calm and professional manner; he was thoughtful, listened to my concerns, and addressed them one by one.

After a few sessions, I saw results and felt like I was headed in the right direction.

Over the course of several months, my strength steadily increased and my pain decreased as a result.  I appreciated Matt’s continued confidence in me, my workouts, and his unwavering confidence that I would get better, stronger and be free from pain.

When I began to wake up free from pain, I was ecstatic. This positive impact, drove me to work harder and commit fully to my training both with Matt and on my own.  I have enjoyed almost 9 months pain free as a result of my work with Matt at Upright Health. I can do all the activities I enjoy and continue to gain strength each week as a result of my ongoing workouts and support from Matt.


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