Henry D.

henry-d-final3 years ago I had developed (seemingly out of nowhere) a real weakness and pain in my right hip. Simple tasks like walking up hills were a challenge as I could barely put much of my weight onto my right-hand side. Things got even worse when riding the bumpy London subway, as my hip would give way I’d nearly fall onto the lap other passengers! Trying to train muay Thai became helpless task with the pain getting worse during and after each session, I could barely squat without leaning too far forward or worrying if my hip would give way at the top of each lift. Long story short: I was living life in second gear, and I was only 23.

Originally I reached out to a physio through the NHS who had no idea what my problem was. Then I reached out to a sports physiotherapist who told me I had symptoms akin to FAI, and that he could refer me to one of the best hip surgeons in Europe. However, getting my hip shaved at the age of 24 didn’t seem right to me so I cautiously backed off. I reached out to an old osteopath I worked with who noticed my pelvis was out of alignment. he gave me some basic exercises which helped a little. I knew I might be on to something, and I had been subtly following Matt’s videos until the launch of FAI Fix.

I decided to come to Upright Health after the FAI Fix allowed me to return to normality in my day-to-day life, as well as getting me squatting in the gym again. All my day-to-day pain from FAI had gone and my eyes were opened to a totally new way of addressing chronic pain.

I wanted to take things even further and try to work with Matt on a 1 to 1 basis so I could return to my Muay Thai training. In just one hour, he totally changed my perception (yet again) and gave me a highly customized plan that I can already feel is helping my internal rotation. I’m confident that through the FAI Fix, Matt’s guidance and perseverance on my part, I’ll be able to return to training out in Thailand and follow my passion!

All in all Matt has given me: An education, a new outlook, restored faith in myself and my body, flexibility, better balance and a second chance at following my passions. I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain before they go under the knife and can’t wait to work with him again myself.


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