What does good personal training look like?

In Redwood City and in the Bay Area in general, there is no shortage of personal training options. There are Crossfit, 24 Four Fitness , Crunch, Planet Fitness, etc. gyms every half mile, so if you’re looking to find a trainer to kick your butt, you don’t have to drive too far. That’s a good thing for everyone!

Given the massive number of personal training options out there, people often ask us a couple great questions: 1) what sets us apart from other personal trainers? 2) what do we know that others don’t? 3) what do we do that others don’t?

The answer to these questions is that all of us have had significant issues fighting with chronic pain – issues that would normally be classified as “orthopedic” that require attention from a medical professional. We’ve had all kinds of scary diagnoses or could have gotten scary diagnoses for various issues. The experience of having trained our bodies to be high functioning, mobile, and strong (basically doing thing quite opposite of the conventional advice to just “rest until things hopefully get better”) gives us a unique perspective on what is and isn’t possible.

Because we have that first-hand experience, we also focus on making positive changes with careful training progressions. We don’t believe in just pushing clients to sweat for the sake of burning calories. We look to make sure our people move well. We make sure our people understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. We train our clients to be better at self-monitoring, self-correcting, and self-confident when faced with hurdles!

We work with clients with a lot of different joint issues – bum knees, bad backs, stiff hips, sore shoulders, etc. We like working with clients like this because we’ve had orthopedic problems ourselves and understand that there are safe, effective ways to train with/around/through those issues. We have seen the effects of good training on ourselves and our clients (of all ages), so we don’t let joint pain be a long term limiter of our clients’ training (of course joint pain can be a short-term limiter that you have to work around).

So let’s say you’re looking for a personal trainer. Let’s say you’re nowhere near Redwood City (because if you were near Redwood City, you’d come to us, right?). You need to find a good trainer near you! What should you look for in a personal trainer? This video covers that topic pretty thoroughly. Give it a quick watch, and hopefully you’ll be on the road to finding yourself a great trainer!





About the Author

Matt Hsu is a trainer and orthopedic massage therapist. He fought a long battle with chronic pain all over his body and won. He blends the principles he learned in his journey, empirical observations with clients, and relevant research to help others get their lives back.