Giacomo P.

giacomoI was starting to develop chronic hip pain, something that had been building up over years. I finally went to a well respected hip surgeon at Stanford and she told me to STOP stretching in certain position because of the way my hips were shaped. She said stretching in this position would only grind my bones and cause arthritis over time. She said I could need surgery to shave my hip bones to avoid any more damage to the joint. She said If I didn’t, I could need a hip replacement in the future.

I started to look for other answers because I know the human body is an amazing thing, and it will most likely heal itself with a little attention. The question I didn’t have the answer to was what kind of attention did I need to give my body in order for it to fix itself? I had no idea.

I tried everything to fix the problem. I went to many, many physical therapists and trainers and none of them were able to improve my hip mobility. I even went to see Kelly Starett’s protege at San Francisco Crossfit, known for being mobility experts. All of the experts I saw had a one size fits all approach, except for Matt. He realizes that we’re all different AND not that different. Matt focuses in on your weakness and gives you the confidence that despite all of our structural differences, we all move like humans. Some of us just need a little more help than others, mainly due to past lifestyle choices. I have been an avid cyclist and swimmer my whole life and prided myself on my fitness and endurance and yet these sports did nothing to train basic functional human movement.

Matt helped me figure out what type of attention my body needed to heal itself. He had me start to turn on muscles that had been off. I have been seeing Matt for for about 6 months now and he has helped me begin to reclaim my mobility – my true mobility that was lost as a child, lost due to years of sitting at school, sitting in the car, sitting at dinner, sitting in front of the TV, sitting at work, sitting on my bike.

I thought for sure my hips were not normal and I could never have good mobility. That has all changed. I still have a long way to go, but I am doing things now that I never thought I would be able to do – pain free!


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