Frank von Harenberg

Shoulder painI am visiting from the Netherlands. My caring daughter made me an appointment to come see Matt. I must confess I was skeptical but cooperative. The outcome of the treatment I received on January 18th amazed me. After Matt patiently listened to my story, he immediately took action with the result that he solved several problems with my painful right shoulder and neck.

Living with a shoulder that irritates day and night gets very frustrating. After 15 years of all kinds of medical investigations and treatments, I had given up hope that someone or something could relieve me from that awful and nagging pain which also included an electric sensation from my neck to my shoulder and down to my fingertips

My newly working shoulder gives me renewed energy and desire to pick up sports after such a long time of being unable to be active. Above all, I enjoy having a good night’s rest. Thanks so much!

No more pain!

Frank von Harenberg
65 years of age



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