Evan A., Scientist

About two months after starting a desk job, my right hip started hurting. I’m 23, active, and a clinical self-diagnoser, so I tried all kinds of stretches and exercises on my own. Of course none of this worked because I didn’t have a fundamental understanding of the problem. I was feeling pain, discomfort, or tightness around my hip for hours a day, and if I wasn’t in pain I was thinking about it.

Amidst my misguided “self-help” I stumbled upon Matt’s YouTube videos. I came in to see Kristen. She was patient with my unspecific and unhelpful description of my pain, seemed to immediately grasp the basic problem, and began working with me to solve it using simple exercises, stretching, and tissue work (massaging/ball/roller work). The problem was that I had weak/deactivated/smashed-grilled-cheese glutes, which was causing pain in its own right, as well as causing my hips to become disorganized, putting the weight of my body on the wrong muscles and turning those muscles into a hyper-active mess. After a few sessions with Kristen my hips were feeling much better, and my glutes were beginning to participate. Better yet, she helped me understand all of this.

Matt and his team are clearly dedicated to helping people become pain-free, surgery-free, and have the client as well as personal success stories to prove they know exactly what they’re doing.


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