Eric B.


I’m 37 and have played pool/billiards for over 20 years, sometimes 10 hours a day. I took up golf 2 years ago and noticed when checking my setup in the mirror, that my right hip and torso was kind of elevated and turned to the right. I tried everything to fix it. I decided to go to a chiropractor where I was told my spine was crooked and one leg was shorter than the other. She pushed on my back real hard and charged me 80 bucks. Then I paid a guy 100 bucks online who did a skype session with me and gave me some exercises to do. I did these exercises for 3 weeks with no luck.

Last night I saw your rotated torso video and did the stretch with one foot on the wall and I almost cried because it hurt so bad. This morning, however, I did hamstring stretches and looked in the mirror and found that my belly button looked a bit more centered. I thought it was an elevated right hip, but I’m not so sure anymore. 

What’s important is that I can walk and stand pain free today! I just wanted to say thanks, and I love your videos. You have a great sense of humor.


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