#10 – Is Thanksgiving dying?

Is the American holiday undergoing a change? Should it? Share your thoughts below!


Hey, everybody! It’s Matt Hsu from Upright Health and welcome to Episode Ten of the Upright Health Podcast. Today, we are going to ask a somewhat American-centric question – maybe very American-centric to question. So, this is a little bit of “food for thought” for you. The question is: do you think Thanksgiving — as we know it — is dying? I’m not talking about the parts where we give thanks. I think that part should stay intact. I think it’s still staying intact for a lot of people. I think even the sense of Thanksgiving for me — the sense of appreciation for everything in my life — has actually gotten stronger and stronger as I’ve gotten older.

But Thanksgiving, as we know it, involves turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce — and I think that’s everything — plus whatever other random stuff you’re going to throw in there. And in conversations I’ve had with clients since Thanksgiving, I’ve heard two very common things: one is, “I regret Thanksgiving.” Meaning, the meal that they had made them feel so terrible, they kind of don’t ever want to do that again. And I actually had people say they don’t ever wanna do that again. The second thing I heard a lot of was, “Oh, Thanksgiving dinner was great. We had a scaled down version, so it wasn’t huge, and it wasn’t disgusting and it didn’t make me feel like a total wreck. So it was pretty good.”

So my question to you again is do you think Thanksgiving is dying? And as a corollary, do you think it should be dying? It seems like we’re having a big shift in our understanding of food and how it affects us. It seems like people are becoming more and more aware of the effects of specific kinds of food on our body, so I’m kind of not surprised that I’ve heard so many clients talk about the Thanksgiving in a negative way. But I’m wondering what you’ve heard and wondering whether you think that there is a trend underway for the Thanksgiving meal to actually change. And if there isn’t, do you think it should happen?

Free to comment on the Upright Health website. You can go to brainfood.uprighthealth.com, and in under the blog section, you’ll find the podcast and you can comment under the episode. So, I look forward to seeing your comments and look forward to seeing you on the next episode of the Upright Health Podcast. Remember: “Pain sucks. Life shouldn’t.” And your meals should not make you feel terrible after you eat them. Take care!


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