Dr. Pam P.

dr-pam-p-finalSo, briefly about myself, I am a 60 year old physician, and if I can’t fix myself with non acute musculoskeletal issues, I don’t usually go to the doctor.  I’ve been lucky enough to have sought out massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, and have gotten involved on my own with yoga, Alexander technique, and the Egoscue method.

My X-ray shows calcium deposits in my right shoulder, and I probably have tendinitis/ bursitis from an allopathic doctor’s point of view, but what I do with the position of my joints – taking care of relationships of joints and muscles and fascia – is what gives me the most benefit.  When I mention “fascia,” my colleagues look at me cross eyed.

In the Shoulder Fix, I find the bent over arm circles to be very beneficial.  And in starting the recalibration/ strengthening section, I am starting with no weight/ resistance, just to get used to the movements and do with correct form, and not hurt anything. ( Has happened in the past with other exercises!). Unfortunately like a lot of others, I am “too busy,” sit too much, am on the computer for eight hours a day at work…

But, in summary, when I can do the tissue work, stretches, and exercises regularly from the Shoulder Fix, I am fine! Thanks for the program you have created!


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