David W.

I had extreme pain in my groin, inner thighs, hips, tailbone and SI joint area for five years straight on both sides of my body. My lower back was also extremely bad and would give out often.  Later on, even my knees started giving out and having pain. It was never ending and got worse when sitting. I saw 8 or more doctors, including pain management doctors for several years. Every one of them said it might be something different.

During that time, I received numerous injections in every imaginable place from doctors and specialists.  None of the treatments or shots or procedures seemed to do anything.  Prior to working with Matt Hsu, I had also seen numerous physical therapists.  I noted that myofascial release and stretching did help my symptoms.  From that point on, I stretched and did trigger point release work religiously for another couple of years.  However, while I did get immediate relief, I never ultimately got any long term relief. None of my symptoms got much better other than for 10-minute stints after stretching.  I did try some strengthening shown by physical therapists but it was very little strengthening, and I did not see any results.

Eventually, I saw Matt Hsu online at a time when and my hips and back had gotten much worse. While I was optimistic given his descriptions of what he could do, I had been to so many other professionals in the past – many of whom had believed that they could help – that I was skeptical of anyone actually being able to do so.

However, online, Upright Health seemed to have approaches to the problem that were beyond the basic things I had already been attempting for years.  I lucked out that Matt was even able to make a trip down to where I lived to meet with me since he was planning on visiting family in the area.

He listened to my issues and worked on me with (1) a few additional stretching techniques that I had never seen (even after years of research and physical therapists), and he helped me stretch areas I had never been able to reach.  (2) More importantly, he then showed me a few brief and easy workouts to strengthen weak areas.

Literally, within a week, my back no longer hurt.  My hips began to quickly get better as well by doing the strengthening that I had been missing.  Then, my knees no longer gave out.

And my back has never given out since. I still have some inner thigh and groin problems but am now focusing on those as well and have started to notice progress there.

Would I recommend working with Matt? It is worth a shot. Working with him was practical, simple and very effective for me. Pain sucks, life shouldn’t.


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