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I came looking for help after my back started to really get to me again. I’ve got two herniated discs in my lower spine that pinch my nerves painfully and limit my movement. My goal was to get my back in proper order before starting at the gym regularly.

I’d had a trainer for a while years ago who had helped with this, but I felt like I needed someone more specialized, someone who would be able to focus solely on this problem and nothing else. I found Upright Health–Matt Hsu specifically–via Yelp, same as you.

At first, I thought all the stellar reviews might be somehow hyperbolic, as it’s rare to see such universally positive feedback for these sorts of services. So I went to see him a couple of times on more of a trial basis. Turns out you should believe the hype! Aside from helping me with a couple of sessions of deep-tissue massage (very painful, yes, but also extremely effective at straightening me out) he began teaching me and running me through several exercises to help me get my core in shape and my spine supported. That, really, was the best part–the education.

I’ve had chiropractors, MDs, physical therapists, and a trainer. From all of them, I’d accumulated what I thought was a large repertoire of knowledge pertaining to spine and core health, but I learned more from Matt than I had from all of them combined. Everything from sitting habits to how the body responds to various movements and even some anatomy. Because of my work, I spend the majority of my day sat at my desk typing away. Matt has ingrained in me several habits pertaining to this that I’m working to develop. They are already helping me not only manage my back pain, but eliminate it and help create strong support for my spine.

Honestly, you really should give Upright Health a try if you want to see a general improvement to your quality of life. Finally, Matt is just a really nice guy. Funny, laid back, and understanding. Due to a combination of an autoimmune disorder and generally being out of shape for a long time, I found myself dreadfully dizzy and hyperventilating after a particular session. Normally I’d have felt embarrassed and mortified, but he put me at ease and was interested to learn about and work around my particularities. You really can’t do better than with this guy!


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