Christa G., Hair Stylist

I started seeing YouTube videos from Matt and thought he had a great approach to pain issues. I had been diagnosed with shoulder impingement. I couldn’t really raise my arms, and I had curtailed working almost to nothing. At that point I had tried orthopedic doctors, cortisone injections, PT, chiropractors, and another posture exercise program.

I was finally able to connect with Matt. He had me do several things including watching me walk, squat, and just stand while he observed. His diagnostic abilities are uncanny. He mentioned things that I had noticed (e.g. high right shoulder and hip also rotated hips) but no one else seemed to think it mattered.

Matt had me do a set of exercises to address my whole body not just my shoulder. Lo and behold, after two weeks I experienced some relief. With his guidance, after 10 weeks I was able to run a mile. I am 64 years old and had really never run in my life. I loved it. Suddenly my shoulders and neck were in the correct position and I felt inches taller. I could reach for anything without pain!

Yes, you have to do the exercises and put in the time, but it’s the best I have felt in years. You owe it to yourself to seek out Matt and his expertise. I’m very grateful I found Upright Health.


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