Catherine S.

2200x2200When I went in to see Matt, I hobbled into the room. During the intake interview, he asked “Where do you hurt?” My answer was not where do I hurt, but “where don’t I hurt!”

My body was a mess and I felt it with every movement.

I have scoliosis in the upper back, which affects other areas, including my right hip, left knee, and lower back. I was in such discomfort I couldn’t even do simple chores like vacuuming. I used to be an active hiker, skier, ocean swimmer, kayaker, and dancer and my life revolved around being physically active.

However, over time, because of progressing pain, my limitations became greater and greater. I lost hope and gave up many of the sports and activities that I loved. It even affected my relationships, because I was so limited in the types of activities I could join in with others.

I became very sad that my lifestyle had changed so drastically, due to something beyond my control. I even accepted that, because of scoliosis, I was destined to live in pain for the rest of my life. Finally, I decided that I had had enough and needed help and hopefully some relief. I went to traditional doctors, who prescribed me pain meds and suggested physical therapy exercises; however, this did not provide much help.

Matt quickly assessed my situation and was able to give me a series of exercises that, over a short period of time, started to alleviate the chronic pain I thought I was destined to live with. Under Matt’s recommendations, I slowly progressed from basic to more advanced exercises and began feeling better!

Over time, I was able to build up strength in a safe manner, as I retrained my body to correct the underlying muscular imbalances. With these changes came long lost abilities to enjoy recreational activities that I had been missing out on for so long. I also recovered  a sense of hope—that I didn’t have to suffer physically as long as I spent the time to stick with the program.

As my body started to heal, I was able to hike, swim, and get out in the ocean to enjoy the water sports I missed so much. It was wonderful, and I wish I had found Matt sooner!

Matt is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable and extremely astute in assessing the muscular imbalances that were at the root of many of my chronic pain issues.

I recommend Matt to anyone who is in pain and ready to get their life back.


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