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Does an alternative explanation for femoral acetabular impingement make sense?

A while back, I made this video to provide a preliminary outline of my ideas about hip pain and the recently created diagnosis of femoroacetabular impingement and the increasingly common surgical treatment. I received a comment on that video from someone purporting to be a physician practicing in orthopedics that I thought would be very important to […]

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What do you do about trigger points with FAI?

You’ve been told you’ve got hip impingement. You don’t want surgery. You’ve started learning how to exercise your hips and to do massage work on yourself. Now you’ve discovered TRIGGER POINTS! Someone posed this question on a Facebook support group for people who are suffering with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I do have a question about […]

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Do squats work your hamstrings?

If you have weak hamstrings, you may have heard that squats are a great way to build hamstring strength. There is no shortage of people out there claiming that squats will make your hamstrings HUGE. Do squats really make your hamstrings grow massively? Or is it all hype? Why do I use squats? A lot […]

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The best stretches for your hamstrings

Ever wish you could touch your toes? Ever wonder why all the stretching you’re doing doesn’t seem to get your fingers any closer to the floor? If you’re like most guys (and some ladies), you probably find it ridiculously hard to get your fingers to even brush your ankles, let alone the floor. Even after […]

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A stretch that got me deeper in my squat

A little while ago, I was thinking about how deeply I could squat. Being able to squat “ass to grass” is a pretty en vogue thing these days as a marker of your hip mobility and overall hip health, so I wanted to test myself out. My lack of hip mobility was shocking, especially given […]

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How do you foam roll adductor brevis and pectineus?

Okay, most people don’t sit around on the weekend wondering “is it possible to foam roll adductor brevis or pectineus?” Some people MIGHT actually ask themselves if it’s possible to release some of the tension in the upper inner thigh muscles. If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to get in on those muscles, then […]

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