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What do you do about trigger points with FAI?

You’ve been told you’ve got hip impingement. You don’t want surgery. You’ve started learning how to exercise your hips and to do massage work on yourself. Now you’ve discovered TRIGGER POINTS! Someone posed this question on a Facebook support group for people who are suffering with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I do have a question about […]

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Lessons from a broken rib

So I recently broke a rib (maybe two?). I was engaged in mortal combat with a friend who, in addition to being a nimble and ruthless jiu-jitsu buff, makes some comfy professional shoes for those who prefer the “barefoot” feel. After an evening of combat, I found myself with a rib that hurt every time […]

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What caused my back pain?

One of the trickiest questions I get asked is “what caused my back pain?” Or variations on that theme like “what caused my knee pain/foot pain/hip to hike/shoulder to droop/back to curve?” It’s a great question, and the right answer seems like it should tell you what to do to fix the pain or alignment […]

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Will the Egoscue Tower help you?

If you’ve read Tim Ferris’ book The Four Hour Body, you probably read about “The Egoscue Tower.” Tim makes it sound like a god-send to help “unlock the pelvis” and eventually relieve hamstring tightness. As someone who’s been certified as a Posture Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University and someone who’s used it to help clients […]

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Three tips for stiff hips

By the time I was 22, walking down stairs was getting pretty difficult on account of a constant pinching sensation in my left knee. Six months and a completely pointless MRI later, I was able to start walking down stairs again, though something was amiss elsewhere. I felt like my hips were no longer as […]

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Is back surgery a placebo?

When you’re in pain, you’ll do just about anything to get relief. In today’s system, if you have back pain, you can quickly become a candidate for spinal fusion surgery. This surgeon in Australia makes a strong case that back surgeries are just a very well constructed placebo. In this writeup on lumbar fusion for back […]

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Ergonomics won’t solve your problems

How many different ergonomic products have you tried? Different keyboards, different keyboard trays, different mice, different chairs…I know I’ve been through plenty, and I still experiment with new ones all the time.   But there’s one thing that I always remind myself and others: ergonomic contraptions themselves are not the FULL solution. Even if you […]

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One cause of bad posture

You may have asked yourself, “why is my posture so bad? What did I do to deserve this?!” And then you may have said, “it’s probably my parents’ fault.” It might be a little your parents’ fault, but it’s not all your parents’ fault. Your posture is simply the way you hold your body. It’s […]

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