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Kim Wilde

Here’s my story: About eight years ago, in the midst of the very emotionally, mentally and physically draining process of separating from my husband, I awoke with some pain in my right hip. It wasn’t excruciating, just noticeable, and it made getting around a little more challenging than usual. I thought it must be a […]

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Charles B.

Josh is truly a one of a kind coach and trainer. He’s passionate about strength training and fitness and is a genius at helping the ordinary person maximize his or her potential. The best part about working with Josh is the results. Josh always knows how to customize the workouts for my particular fitness, strength […]

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Ashlee P.

I have been training with Josh for almost 6 months now…I feel like Josh knows who I am and what I am looking for and responds to that in training. Training with Josh 3 days a week has held me accountable and pushed me to work out more on my own as well. The muscle […]

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