Brian M.

300x300My journey started with 2 weeks of severe pains in my neck and between my shoulder blades. This then lead to pains in my left arm and increasing numbness in my pointer and middle finger. Things were getting worse and I needed to figure out what was wrong. Many doctor visits, pain medications, and an MRI later, I was told I had degenerative disc disease and 2 herniated discs that were causing my problems. After trying a few weeks of in-house physical therapy, neck surgery was the next recommended course of action.

My wife initially found Upright Health to work on pains she was having in her right hip. She had suffered a fall and was told that the only way to repair the damage was through surgery. She did some research and found Upright Health. She gave it a try and was amazed by the results she achieved after her first few visits. She finally convinced me to give it a try to see if anything could be done to fix my problems naturally.

I have to admit, I was very skeptical that stretching and exercise could fix the injury that I thought I had suffered. Matt looked at how I was moving, listened to my thoughts about what aggravated it, and then started helping me stretch and strengthen the muscles all over my body. He wasn’t focused on just the painful spots; he was looking for ways to improve my entire body.

I have always reminded Matt that I literally crawled into his office and walked out. Within two weeks, my problems were almost entirely gone. Within about a month, the right foot and leg pain, caused by my excessive driving for work, was also greatly improved.

I’ve been training regularly with Matt and Josh for over a year now, and the results have been fantastic and well worth the weekly commitment. On a daily basis, I feel like my legs and hips are so strong I levitate out of seats and in and out of my car. As an avid motocross rider, I immediately noticed the improvements in stamina, precision and control.

My neck, shoulder, and hand don’t bother me at all so I can focus on my work and my life. I am amazed with what my body is now capable of and knowing I can do everything pain free. As I have gotten older, I began to feel that aches and pains were just par for the course. Now I actually look forward to a little soreness after squatting 180 lbs or deadlifting over 300 lbs, things I’ve never even thought of attempting before!


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