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Thanks again for the awesome session! Thinking back, it was helpful to meet in the gym to actually go through the exercises with weights. I had never met a physiotherapist/osteopath in an actual gym which actually is a bit bizarre. The diagnostic testing you do is really key. Most health professionals take a narrow approach, […]

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I had been challenged by hip mobility for many years as the result of an inflammatory condition. Pain was just part of a typical day – which was incredibly draining. One session with Matt over Skype provided me the tailored methods to reduce the issue. Following a relatively simple protocol, I received a step change […]

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Clinton B.

Wow!  That pretty much sums up my experience thus far at Upright Health.  There’s few times in my life where I would feel this excited to write a review, but I guess there’s a first time for everything :). I do olympic lifting and I was having a hard time going all the way down […]

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Giacomo P.

I was starting to develop chronic hip pain, something that had been building up over years. I finally went to a well respected hip surgeon at Stanford and she told me to STOP stretching in certain position because of the way my hips were shaped. She said stretching in this position would only grind my […]

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Henry D.

3 years ago I had developed (seemingly out of nowhere) a real weakness and pain in my right hip. Simple tasks like walking up hills were a challenge as I could barely put much of my weight onto my right-hand side. Things got even worse when riding the bumpy London subway, as my hip would […]

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John H.

Happy new year! I’ve been wanting to send you an e-mail thanking you for all of the work you and Shane put into the FAI Fix program. The program helped me get my life back together. My story: I’m an avid cyclist and cycling is an integral part of my life. In April 2014, I […]

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Roo H.

I teach and practice Aikido, a martial art that involves rolling, falling, and knee-walking. Beginning in 2010 (when I was living in Japan and practicing Shotokan karate as well as Aikido and Japanese swordsmanship) I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my left hip that eventually resulted in bone spurs and constant debilitating pain. I […]

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Anisha A.

Prior to starting with Vincent, I was concerned about being able to stay interested in training. I had tried a few trainers before, but none were able to keep my interest for long. It’s amazing that I have been coming to Vincent for almost two years now. Since then I have seen a significant increase […]

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Kim Wilde

Here’s my story: About eight years ago, in the midst of the very emotionally, mentally and physically draining process of separating from my husband, I awoke with some pain in my right hip. It wasn’t excruciating, just noticeable, and it made getting around a little more challenging than usual. I thought it must be a […]

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