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#44: Why do back pain treatments fail?

Why do back pain treatments fail? Why do so many medical and alternative treatments for back pain provide dismal results? In this episode we talk about the fundamental problem with back pain treatments and two strategies to help you with your back pain. Resources: Crooked by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin: The Back Pain Fix: […]

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Femoral acetabular impingement: what you need to know and what your doctor won’t tell you

If you’ve been told you have femoroacetabular impingement (FAI, femoral acetabular impingement, or hip impingement), you have probably heard that arthroscopic hip surgery is the only answer. The conventional medical approach to hip pain associated with femoroacetabular impingement bone shapes is surgery, after all.We’ve successfully helped countless people beat their hip pain without surgery – […]

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#38 – 4 tips for conquering hip impingement

Shari started having hip pain in high school. Physical therapy didn’t help. Doctors told her that she had femoroacetabular impingement and that surgery was the only answer. She never got the surgery, but she’s been able to get back into yoga without hip pain, and she shares the lessons she’s learned along the way. Music […]

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#33 – Do you REALLY need to meditate?

What is meditation? Is it worth the time? In this episode we discuss what meditation is and isn’t. The conversation provides insights about how meditation can improve exercise, stress, anger, and more. Meditation is an incredibly valuable practice to incorporate into day to day life. Listen in to get a better idea of why and […]

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#31 – Do surgeons lie?

Surgeons often make optimistic claims about their surgeries – in spite of evidence to the contrary. Do these doctors lie? Are they regularly lying about surgery results? Or is something else at play? Find out what’s at the heart of this problem. Episode 28 – The Secret History of Joint Pain: Nick’s video: Open Payments […]

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#30 – What is the purpose of pain?

What is the purpose of pain?   If you have chronic hip, back, or shoulder pain, what does the pain really mean? Does it mean you’ve got permanent damage of some kind? How can you use and think about pain in a way that gets you back to enjoying your life? Helpful links How to […]

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#28 – The Secret History of Joint Pain

Why does the medical system seem to be surgery-happy? Why do even physical therapists seem to think surgery is the only option for some kinds of joint pain? In this episode, we’ll look at the history and systemic issues that infuse the medical system with a love of surgery. And we’ll talk about what YOU […]

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Becoming a father

Note: this was originally sent as an email to Upright Health clients and newsletter subscribers on a Friday afternoon. A surprising number of  people asked that we make it available in a shareable format…so here it is! Enjoy! My son was born three months ago. Leading up to the birth, everyone kept asking me: “Are you […]

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Healthy Hips Workshop

Healthy Hips Workshop at Upright Health in Redwood City, CA.This two day workshop covers the fundamental ideas around training people out of hip pain including:general philosophy and research oriented approach to hip problems from a non-medical, movement-oriented perspectivecutting edge research on femoroacetabular impingement, hip osteoarthritis, and labral tears and their importance in the context of […]

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