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A Deeper Look into “Conservative Treatment” for FAI

Introduction to Personalized Hip Therapy and Conservative Treatment for FAI Femoracetabular Impingement (“FAI”) is a near and dear topic for us at Upright Health. We have had countless clients at Upright Health who wanted conservative treatment for FAI (meaning NO surgery).  Unfortunately, many people diagnosed with FAI get pushed toward unnecessary hip surgery every day. There is […]

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Is Arthoscopic Hip Surgery for FAI better than physical therapy?

New Study Compares Arthroscopic Surgery for FAI to Conservative TreatmentIn a recent study, researchers compared the effectiveness of arthroscopic surgery for FAI versus conservative treatment (non-surgical methods and physical therapy).[1]  The researchers concluded that surgery for FAI was more effective than non-surgical treatment.Other studies have shown that physical therapy and surgery for FAI are equally […]

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