Anna S.

anna-snow-3When I started with Upright Health, I didn’t know much about the origin of my body’s tension, weakness, or pain. I just knew that I was uncomfortable and tense, and I didn’t have the knowledge or tools to get better.

Matt and Josh have answered all of my questions, spotted areas of weakness, and helped me learn where my body was unbalanced. I learned what causes tension and pain in specific areas, and how to target those areas with stretches and exercises. I started feeling significantly more in control of my body after just a session or two, and have now been going to Upright Health for over a year with increasingly better results.

Upright Health is easily the best decision I’ve made for my physical health. I notice the positive effects every day, multiple times a day. Lifting and moving furniture is easier. Going up and downstairs is easier. I can snowboard longer and feel in more control. I now have the skills to understand pain that arises in my body and craft a set of exercises to improve it. I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been.


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