Anisha A.

unnamedPrior to starting with Vincent, I was concerned about being able to stay interested in training. I had tried a few trainers before, but none were able to keep my interest for long. It’s amazing that I have been coming to Vincent for almost two years now. Since then I have seen a significant increase in fitness levels, and the workouts are interesting, challenging and very addictive.

He has always focused on my weak areas and helped me work through them in a very systematic manner. For example, push-ups were a huge problem for me when I first started working out, and thanks to him I have progressed to doing weighted push ups almost every day. I also used to have intense hip pain and he came up with ways to fix it and gain more range of motion. Performing a deep squat used to be impossible for me and now it’s effortless. I can’t recommend Vincent enough.

Additionally, he started giving me nutrition tips 2-3 months back to help me lose more weight, and I have since lost almost 15 pounds. The only downside of working out with him is the constant shopping I have to do for new smaller clothes. Its a good problem to have! ?


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