Andrew, CEO and Co-founder of Course Hero

AndrewI came to Matt to address several problems.

First, I sit a lot for work, and both hips felt incredibly tight all the time, but the right hip felt so restricted that I felt like I was rotated when walking. I suspected the right hip had something to do with the surgery I had on my right knee when I was younger, but that didn’t provide any proactive solution. Second, whenever I would fold forward to touch my toes, I’d get a burning sensation to the left of my tailbone that didn’t feel particularly healthy. Third, my right shoulder blade would grind, crunch, and clunk depending on how I moved it. All these things seemed to be in some way tied together, so I began searching for someone to help me unravel the mystery! 

I’ve been training with Matt since the end of 2013, and in that time my hips have improved notably. Though long days of uninterrupted sitting can still make tightness and discomfort return, my hips in general feel much more mobile and healthy, which is really a welcome surprise given how long my hips have been stiff. The stretching, smashing, and strengthening we do has gradually made my previously wooden hip muscles much more pliable. My shoulder blade no longer clunks and grinds the way it did. When we are consistently training, and I’m consistent about my homework, my shoulder blade is very well aligned and positioned and my hips feel good.

What I value most in working with Matt is that he’s constantly looking to produce results.  Whenever we have run into a new challenge, he has problem solved based on my body’s unique issues and not off a cookie cutter approach. He’s great at coming up with creative solutions that work for my body and my life, and that is invaluable to me.


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