Analisa B., Acupuncturist

I attended the workshop on hips with Matt and his crew. I have a torn hip labrum and cyst, and have had surgery suggested to me by my orthopedic following an MRI– to perform femoral head resurfacing, cyst removal and trimming the labral tear. I have also been told that I should look forward to an early hip replacement or even consider one now to avoid such a complicated initial (and potentially unsuccessful) surgery that is known to have a long recovery time and could lead to a hip replacement eventually anyway.

I have been working with Trevor for about a month for individual training. He is helping me improve the function of my hip through our training, and I was encouraged by our work together to sign up for the hip class. It was fantastic! One of the biggest take homes for me was the empowerment of how much we can do ourselves for the health of our hips (and other joints) through training and strengthening based individually on how each of our bodies is working. Matt helped us look at our movement, and explore in realtime exercises we can do to strengthen muscles that for each of us are weak or not activating fully. This class empowered me to understand my own body and how I can train different muscles that need it as well as work with others to support their healthy hips and posture.


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