Learn to deadlift without pain.

  • Learn how to deadlift with perfect form
  • Learn key stretches that will improve your hip mobility and spare your spine
  • Learn why your back hurts every time you deadlift
  • Learn the 3 key components to pain free and injury-free deadlifting
  • Learn how to pick up ANYTHING from the floor without hurting yourself
  • Learn how to fix your deadlift form from head to toe

You're here to fix your deadlift...

If you’re on this page, reading this…

You probably believe that deadlifts are beneficial for you.

And you'd be right.

Studies have shown that people who perform proper deadlifts:

  • Decrease their incidence of lower back pain
  • Burn fat faster
  • Improve dynamic posture
  • Enhance athletic performance in other sports
  • And actively prevent future injuries
  • All while working EVERY major muscle group (more than ANY other exercise)!

But here's the catch.
(And this is something even highly paid coaches and trainers mess up.)

When trying to learn and/or coach the deadlift, most people tend to overlook the FUNDAMENTALS.

They gloss over what truly DEFINES "proper deadlift form".

Or they think they already understand it deeply enough... that they don't bother to dig any further.

(Hint: it's NOT just haphazardly picking weights up and putting them down.)

And when most people hit a plateau (due to injury, etc) and seek a solution...

Instead of digging deeper into the fundamentals...

They reach for the NEWEST and FLASHIEST cue, drill, or isolation exercise they can find.

They overlook their fundamentals.

As a result, they stay stuck.

They never get to the root of the problem.

Because they're mesmerized by what's new and flashy.

And it's not their fault.
In fact, it's logical.

We crave novelty...
Because it's more exciting to explore than the familiar.

We overlook diving deeper into the fundamentals (and the familiar).

And instead, pursue something new -- not because it's more effective, but simply because it's NEW.

This kind of thing happens all the time in health and wellness communities:

Low fat diets were pushed as the BEST way to lose weight. Then low carb diets became all the craze.
Now we know there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Your success still relies on your compatibility and adherence to your diet. Fundamentals.

Crossfit was supposed to be the BE-ALL-END-ALL of exercising. "Your workout is our warm-up", they'd say.
Now we know it's just another style of training. Your success still relies on your effort and consistency. Fundamentals.

Here's the thing nearly all of us miss.

Learning proper deadlift form is not about implementing new or flashy things.

What it comes down to is, "does your approach help you better UNDERSTAND and EXECUTE proper deadlift form?"

Meaning... are you clear on what "proper deadlift form" entails?

And making strategic decisions based off that?

Or are you constantly trying random things?

With no compass to gauge where you're headed?

Now I know what you're thinking -- "Everyone's body is different, there's no one proper way to deadlift."

Sure, if your goal is to lift as much weight as possible, without regard for injury... there really is no ONE proper way to do that.

You can round your low back.

You can collapse in your ankles.

Yup, if your goal is to DEADLIFT for the sake of the deadlifting, and you don't care about getting hurt...

Then nothing from here on out will be relevant to you.

But if you intend to use the deadlift for any of the following goals: 

  • Decrease your incidence of lower back pain
  • Improve dynamic posture
  • Enhance athletic performance in other sports
  • Actively prevent future injuries
  • Work EVERY major muscle group
  • And even burn fat faster...

Then there is a "standard model" of proper deadlift form that's 100% relevant to you.


For every human movement, no matter if it's deadlifting, running, or swinging a golf club...there exist "optimal biomechanics"

Your "biomechanics" describe the musculoskeletal actions of your body during a given task (such as deadlifting).

"Optimal biomechanics" distributes the stress of movement as evenly as possible across your body.

Your joints work well. Your muscles contribute harmoniously.

And your movement feels FLUID, EFFICIENT, and POWERFUL.

"Suboptimal biomechanics" unevenly concentrates the stress of movement onto one segment of your body (e.g. spine, hip, shoulder).

Your joints aren't happy. Your muscles conflict with each other.

And your movement feels SLOPPY, UNCOORDINATED, and INJURY-PRONE.

Optimizing your biomechanics can transform your life from that of chronic injury and bed rest…

To feeling alive, powerful, and excited every time you train.

My name is Vincent Do from Upright Health.

And I want to share with you how I went from being in pain and barely being able to deadlift…
To optimizing my biomechanics, and setting a USPA 2017 National Deadlift Record (lifting 300% of my bodyweight).

Now you may not WANT to lift 300% of your bodyweight. And that’s okay.

  • Maybe your goal is to relieve your back pain.
  • Maybe your goal is to look better naked.
  • Maybe you want to be stronger.
  • OR maybe you just to get back to being able to deadlift again without getting hurt.

If one or more of those things resonate with you… then read on.


"I have worked with many trainers over the years with little to no results, so I was reluctant to spend any more time and money on trainers. I gave Vincent a try because he came recommended to me. And to my surprise, I saw immediate, drastic improvements in my fitness.

As of this writing, I’ve been training with Vincent for three years now. I’ve found him to be an extraordinary physical trainer with tremendous versatility, intelligence, and discipline. He has great knowledge of body mechanics and is clearly a deep thinker. He believes in making sure his clients understand the fundamentals of every exercise he teaches and the reasons for using them.

His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work harder and apply yourself more diligently. I’ve been extremely happy in my association with Vincent, and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental well-being."

Kannan Appuswamy

Global Solutions Architect

The Systematic Guide To Injury-Free Deadlift Technique





This is me, with a fat grin on my face. Why?

Because I love how it feels when I surpass my personal limits. When I can lift a little more than I did the last time... when I can tell my body is capable of more today than it was yesterday... that's one of the best feelings. And helping other people do the same, seeing the look of surprise and joy on their faces? That's even better.

When I first began deadlifting, I fell in love.

Deadlifts were the missing link to my health and fitness.

All of a sudden I was improving at other physical areas. I was starting to see my body transform into the one I’d always dreamed of having. As my body grew stronger, the way I stood changed. Close friends would tell me I looked more confident.

Everything the deadlift was giving me was exactly what I wanted…
And it all felt so natural (and easy)!


About a year in, I was preparing to tackle a new personal record. The adrenaline was pumping through my blood and I shifted my hands around the bar looking to get my grip just right.

I pulled on the bar with all my might. And as I finished standing up with the colossal weight in my hands…

I felt an odd strain in my back.

I figured it was a fluke. So I attempted another rep, and the strain went from being uncomfortable, to feeling like I’d been stabbed in my lower back with a hot knife.

I immediately dropped the bar, but the mistake had already taken effect.

I spent the rest of the week experiencing a sharp, stabbing pain in my back every time I bent over for anything - even for tying my shoes!

Pain from deadlifting haunted me.

Once the pain subsided, I restarted my training - this time with more caution.

I sought out advice online and from fellow lifters on how to avoid another injury.
Across the board, the answer was the same.

"Rest. Recover. Start over with a lower weight."

Okay, simple enough.

But the result was the same.

I'd get close to the weights I was capable of lifting before... and the same sharp, shooting back pain would be there waiting for me.

And along with it, another two weeks where I couldn't bend over without wincing in agony.

So I'd rest again...and when my back felt okay, I'd start over from square 1 - lifting just the bar.

Yet the result was the same. Again, I had the same shooting back pain. And another two weeks went down the drain.

At this point, I knew I had to change what I was doing if I wanted a different result.

So I'd try working on different stretches. I'd try out a new form tweak that the internet claimed was "the best cue you've never tried". I'd try out popular deadlift training plans "guaranteed to put 100 lbs on your personal record".

But the end result was always the same. 


Without fail -- every time I got close to what I used to be able to lift, my old back injury would flare up. This went on for months. Then months turned into years. 

I felt like I was running blind through a forest. I could only hope I was headed in the right direction, and not into a ditch... or a tree.

I'd try one solution after another. And I'd wonder in frustration... "why is this taking so damn long?"

Believe me. I was frustrated beyond belief.

During this time, I had to sift through a LOT of advice. When you’re trying to fix what’s wrong with your body, there’s a LOT of distracting information out there.

Finally after a few years of trial and error, I found the solution I needed all along. It took effort and patience to implement it. But it worked, and I beat my back injury. I've never had the same back injury again. In fact, 2019 marks the 4th anniversary of me being back pain-free. And it's not because I stopped deadlifting -- I regularly deadlift more weight now than I was able to pre-injury. And, most importantly, I do it pain-free!

Inspired by the light I found at the end of my trial-and-error years, I dove deeper into the injury prevention side of strength training. I've since changed countless others' lives by helping my clients and followers learn to move pain-free too. All things considered, my horrific back injury was a blessing in disguise.

Still, I remained bitter. I couldn't let go of how helpless and confused I felt during my back pain years. In my time of need, I couldn't find any one-stop-shops for the deadlift that could expose me to exactly what I was doing wrong, and how to fix it.

Sure, I could find great articles on this form mistake and that form mistake...

And why it's important to stretch this muscle and strengthen that muscle.

But I couldn't find one resource that teaches the FUNDAMENTALS of proper deadlift form...

And how you could master them, regardless of what your current habitual mistakes are.

Years had passed, and STILL I could not find a DIY program built to prevent someone from going through what I went through.


So I built that program myself.

I created "The Deadlift Fix" so that
you, too, can learn to deadlift injury-free.


This is me in 2017 setting a USPA national record for my weight class in the deadlift.

If you've spent time trying to learn the deadlift, you may have noticed that everyone has some "magic trick" to fix your deadlift.

  • A guy on the internet says you should ARCH YOUR BACK!
  • The buff trainer at the gym says you should BEND YOUR KNEES so you can get closer to the bar.
  • Your friend says you should FIRE YOUR ABS.
  • Your doctor (who hasn't worked out since he was 17 years old) says YOU SHOULD NEVER DEADLIFT.

With all the chatter and noise…

Is it any wonder why there’s so much confusion around deadlifts?

vincent with back pain from the deadlift

Improperly emphasizing spinal extension can actually cause back pain in and after the deadlift.


You've probably heard the deadlift coaching cue: ARCH YOUR BACK! It's helpful for some people. But did you know that it can actually CAUSE back pain? 

I suffered with years of back pain because I was using this cue improperly. I didn't realize that there was more to protecting my spine than cueing "ARCH YOUR BACK!" -- and that was why I was in constant back pain after deadlifting. 


You can think of your body like a car. And when you deadlift, you are driving on the freeway.

If one of the tires is misaligned for a day, you can still drive to work and back without too many problems.

But ignore it for too long… and that tire is going to give out in the middle of a drive, because it's not designed to be driven off-axis. One part of it gets overstressed, torn apart, and then the whole thing shuts down.

Thankfully with a car, you can replace the tire and forget about it.

But when it’s your knee, or your back...that can be more costly, agonizing, AND harder to resolve.

If you've ever been injured, then you know that's not something you can leave at the gym. Injuries rob you of your attention while you're at work or with your friends and family -- and some even make sure to disturb your sleep.

"The Deadlift Fix" helps people rapidly learn proper form and self-correct their deadlift... so they can eliminate their risk of injury from the very start.

Unlike other methods, "The Deadlift Fix" is actively DESIGNED to expose potential issues before they manifest as injuries, so that you can stay safe and count on pain-free progress.

"The Deadlift Fix" stops these problems right from the start, by emphasizing and continually reinforcing the "optimal biomechanics" of the deadlift.


Once you fully understand the program, it will save you hundreds of hours of trial and error. It will actively prevent workout injuries ACROSS the board. It will save you the trouble of hiring an expensive coach (who might not even understand the deadlift well enough to spot your errors).

After all, many trainers and coaches simply breeze through or ignore the fundamentals.

"The Deadlift Fix" makes the fundamentals simple to learn. If you can follow the program, you WILL see results. If you can follow the program, you WILL know how to self-correct any issues that can lead to injury down the road.

"What if this program is too advanced for me? I’m not very strong nor flexible.”

Mary​'s ​first deadlift at age 58

Most Upright Health clients came to me with huge strength and flexibility deficits. Most couldn’t touch their toes during their first session. Most couldn’t hold a proper plank for 10 seconds.

Most had ​​​worrying deficits that needed resolving before they could deadlift injury-free.

Here's the thing: 75% of my clients who express a desire to deadlift, learn to do it safely within months. The other 25% learn it faster.

"The Deadlift Fix" teaches you the same model that I use to get my clients up to speed and in top deadlifting shape. It’s designed to help you identify and fix any pre-existing issues that might get in the way of deadlifting. And it does this while reinforcing the movement capabilities that will keep you pain-free, standing tall, and crushing your strength goals.

It doesn’t matter how stiff you think your hips are.
It doesn’t matter how weak you think your back is.

If you can stand up, then “The Deadlift Fix” will teach you how to deadlift, injury-free.

"What if I'm too advanced for this program? I have a lot of deadlifting experience already."

Clinton could already deadlift almost 400 lbs before this video. But he had plateaued due to a fundamental technique issue. 

Using the model in "The Deadlift Fix" to sharpen his fundamentals, he felt an immediate difference. Listen to his reaction for yourself (he didn't know he was being filmed)!

"Advanced" can be a misleading label. There are only "fundamentals". Performed better. And better. Ad infinitum.

I want to be crystal clear.

This program isn’t for everyone.

If you’re already a deadlifting boat anchors for fun and a back injury is something “other people” get... then you don’t need this program.

If people are shooting videos of you on the deadlift platform and crying tears of joy as you execute your flawless deadlift fundamentals... this isn’t for you.

And if you know you’re the type of person who downloads things to your laptop and NEVER uses them, then close this page. "The Deadlift Fix" isn’t a good fit for you.

I’m ONLY looking for people who get it.

People who are self-motivated and can keep themselves accountable when they’re given a good program to continually learn from.

People who understand that they’re saving themselves hundreds of dollars on personal training, injury and rehab fees... and saving time by learning from this resource versus trying to piece it together on their own.

I want people who value their own time and integrity, and don’t want to mess around with the “failure & injury” school of learning deadlifts. That's who this is for.

This program will help you dial in your technique so you can lift more without fear of injury.

"There's a lot of ​info on the Internet already. Couldn't I find what I need elsewhere online - for free?"

Greg has a light-bulb moment with his deadlift!

You sure can.

But I’m willing to bet you’re here because you’ve already tried that.

In my experience, trying to get my answers the “free” way was the most frustrating part of learning how to deadlift.

I felt like I was wasting my time, and risking my personal health on information that was usually irrelevant and sometimes just totally wrong.

You see, it comes down to the critical difference between "knowledge" and "understanding".

"Knowledge" is having the facts.

"Understanding" is knowing how and when to apply them.

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

~Albert Einstein

Tamsyn Edwards​

Senior Researcher

​San Jose State University

"training in a way that helps (and not hurts) my body"

When I first started with Vince, I had not engaged in any activity or sport for well over 5 years. Needless to say I was very out of shape! I was terrified at my first session, but that feeling quickly went away.

Since then, I’ve dropped 40 lbs and drastically improved my strength and overall health. I never thought I would be able to do anything like this. But with Vince’s support and personalized guidance, I truly look forward to each session. I love seeing my strength increase.

Vince is truly exceptional – he is so welcoming and friendly, but also very, very knowledgeable. I can always trust him to ensure I’ll be training in a way that helps (and not hurts) my body - always prioritizing correct form. 

Darius Tan

Executive, Tech Sales
San Francisco, CA


I was scared to start deadlifting again after my injury. It’s actually been years since I deadlifted in the gym because I didn’t want to hurt myself again. It was scary to try an online product but I’m glad I did. 

Thanks to Vincent’s emphasis on fundamentals (especially around ab engagement), I deadlifted 225 the first time back! I’m looking forward to increasing that with more confidence than ever.

all for less than the cost OF


I'm proud to be able to offer such a huge value in this program to anyone who wants to learn how to deadlift without injuries. 

And I don't just mean "value" in a vague and immeasurable sense. I mean real hard number dollar value! Let's look at the math.

A one-on-one session with me costs $160 USD per hour.

A week with me through the Upright Health Parachute Program costs $1,200 USD (not including flight and accommodation).

Without a doubt, I am grateful to be able to provide the value that I do for my clients. Yet I wanted to be able to reach even more people ALL THE TIME. And I knew the biggest factors that were keeping me from doing so were:

  1. I have almost no availability left to take on more clients per week
  2. My one-on-one rates aren't affordable for everyone

To reach more people, I had to figure out a solution to these constraints. To reach more people, my instructing needed to be accessible without having me there in-person. So I had to find the next best thing.

Because, believe me. I get it.

Pain sucks. When you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and you can’t fall asleep again because your back is killing you? No one should have to live through that twice.

Feeling too weak to do the things you love? That’s one of the most frustrating things a human being can experience. "The Deadlift Fix" is my answer to these problems.

And that's why I've priced it the way I have.

Owning the "The Deadlift Fix" is like having me there to coach you on this ALL-IMPORTANT exercise for days, weeks, months - EVEN YEARS - and it'll cost you less than ONE session with me.

frequently asked questions

"What if I buy 'The Deadlift Fix', but run into issues I need more personal help with?"

Shoot me an email. If I can give you a simple solution by email, I will. 

If I can't, then you might want to consider scheduling a coaching session with me.  As good as this program is, nothing can fully replicate one-on-one real-time communication.

Fortunately, if you've already made yourself familiar with the concepts taught in this program, then we'll be able to achieve even more together during our session.

"What if I run into issues 'The Deadlift Fix' doesn't address?"

Contact me. If there's truly a deadlift mistake that I haven't seen, then I’d want to know about it and make sure my content addresses it.

For as long as "The Deadlift Fix" exists, I don’t want anyone to struggle with being able to deadlift injury-free.

"What if 'The Deadlift Fix' is just not a good fit for me?"

If "The Deadlift Fix" truly can't help you, then I don't want your money.

Try it for 60 days. If it's not a good fit for you for any reason, email us for a full refund. And you'll get it, hassle-free.  Simple.


The Deadlift Fix

  • In-Depth Understanding of the Deadlift
  • Accessible For Life
  • $79.95 One-time Charge

Average Personal Trainer

  • Surface Level Understanding of the Deadlift
  • Accessible For The Session
  • $50-150 Per Session

Don't gamble with your body

Let's say you are lucky, and your local trainer has more than just surface-level understanding of the deadlift. Let's say the trainer REALLY knows the deadlift inside-out like I do.

If you're truly fortunate, it might only take one session for you to learn to deadlift. But you've got to be lucky AND gifted. 

If you've got strength, flexibility, and coordination issues to work through, it may take 3-5 sessions for you to learn to deadlift safely (if not many more!). 

Let's do the math. Five sessions for $50 a session? $250. 
If your trainer is $100 a session? $500. 


The Deadlift Fix will cost you far less than a few sessions with a typical personal trainer. Yet you'll get everything you need to learn to deadlift injury free - and STAY injury free.

You'll reap the rewards of countless hours I've spent (and continue to spend) obsessing over the fundamentals of proper deadlift form. And you'll get unlimited access to any and ALL future updates to the program as I continue to explore ways to make this program the best it could possible be.

When you start "The Deadlift Fix", you'll get knowledge that will help you not only in the present - but well into the future.


If you aren't satisfied with this program for any reason, just email us for a full refund. We only want to keep your money when you get value from our programs. Simple!


Since its first launch, I've greatly refined the model I use to coach the deadlift. My clients are "getting it" faster than ever. It would be an understatement to say I'm pleased with their results.

And now I'm integrating all I've learned into the updated version of the Deadlift Fix.

So I've closed any new sign-ups to the program for now as I finalize some updates. 

I'm making it simpler, more efficient, and more effective so that YOU can deadlift without pain.

If you want this program when it's ready...

...AND you want a special deal on it when it launches...

Hit the button below!