A post-vacation thank you note

Just got this wonderful little note from a client last week. She had been struggling with back and hip pain and sciatica-like issues before coming to Upright Health. After several months of postural exercises, she was confident that she’d be able to enjoy a vacation to England and France with her daughter.  Here’s her quick report on how she did…

Hi Matt,

Just got back from England last night. Two trans-atlantic flights, miles and miles and miles of walking, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, away from my tower (a therapy device she now owns): I did absolutely fantastic!!

I only had 2 minor episodes of achey back. The first one was our second day in Paris. Our tour to Versailles was canceled due to a strike, so we found ourselves alone in Paris for 12 hours on foot. My back was a little achey, so we stopped along the Seine and I did air bench (an exercise she learned while coming to Upright Health) against a building. The street was deserted due to it being Bastille Day. Feet slipped out from under me and I was on my butt! Tried an area where there was more traction, and my back was fine in under 2 minutes. Another day I had some minor discomfort but again, the air bench worked in just a couple of minutes. Thanks for teaching me how to take care of myself! I hope all is well with you!


Stories like this make my day!


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Matt Hsu is a trainer and orthopedic massage therapist. He fought a long battle with chronic pain all over his body and won. He blends the principles he learned in his journey, empirical observations with clients, and relevant research to help others get their lives back.